Is Wi-Fi safe for our health? Can Wi-Fi cause cancer? Learn in details


Is Wi-Fi safety for our health? Can Wi-Fi cause cancer? Well, in this question you don’t be anxious. Because Wi-Fi does not attack your health. It is a radiation of non-ionizing and low-intensity which does not harm your brain and cancer does not occur in your health. WHO (World Health Organization) researched about this and finally has concluded that it has not been proven in the high-quality studies that there is a risk in our health in the field of low electromagnetic.

Is Wi-Fi Safe for Our Health?

Is Wi-Fi Safe for Our Health?
Is Wi-Fi Safe for Our Health?

The Radio wave is a very essential for us. Because, radio wave makes a contribution on communication, GPS, everyday gadgets, and researches etc. Wi-Fi is one kind of radio wave. It converts the Ethernet into the ware-less world. But, in the present times, some news tablets are appealing that Wi-Fi is harmful to our health.

Every parent is very concerned over the health of their children and you too. Because they are often watching these reports and the word “radiation” creates a field of anxiousness into the minds of the parents. As a result, the parents are very confused and they keep aside by their children from Wi-Fi. But, do you know that due to the E.M radiation, the earth is the green planet.

Before describing it, I want to tell that Wi-Fi does not affect our health. Now, I will discuss the two types of radiation i.e. ionizing and non-ionizing.

The Difference between the ionizing and non-ionizing: Wi-Fi non-ionizing radiation, it’s safe

Ionizing radiation is one kind of radiation which carries a free electron and it also ionizes them. This kind of radiation is a very harmful and it carries X-Ray, Gama, Ultra-Violet ray etc. If you stay through this ionizing radiation, then it may cause cancer in your health. I have tried to understand this harmful radiation by using a triangular sign. It was firstly used in America in 1946. In the next stage, this has been starting internationally.

On the other hand, non-ionizing radiation does not carry strength which ionizes it. It radiation carries visible light, radio-wave and inferred radiation. Moreover, the wavelength of non-ionizing radiation is like the light. So, it is very safe. It is safe because Wi-Fi networks use non-ionizing radiations. If it is a radiation of ionizing radiation, then the Wi-Fi breaks the chemical bond and effects our body.

The Sharpness and Range of Wi-Fi

So many people compare the microwave with the Wi-Fi and they also belong to the same class. They support the argument and say that microwave is very hot and it can burn you. Well, moreover, you have to think about the sharpness of your radiation. It can produce strength more than the 600W normal household microwave. A very strong Wi-Fi router can produce a very low power less than 1W of power generating capacity.

Moreover, you have to know about the inverse-square law which is pursued by linear wave radiation. This law describes that “the intensity of the radiation source and the object/person is inversely proportional to the distance between the straight.” So, if you stay away from your Wi-Fi router, then the sharpness of the radiation will decrease. If you came very close to your Wi-Fi router, however it is still non-existent danger.

WHO has not been proven yet

If you want to know about it in details, then you can read it in details ( From the scientific research, the WHO has concluded that “Current evidence does not confirm the existence of any health consequences from exposure to low-level electromagnetic fields.

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