Types of Bowflex Home Gym Systems: Which Best Suits You?


How Bowflex Home Gyms Work

The Bowflex Home Gym system has two workout machines. Both machines offer you the ability to tone and build muscle. Each system supports different workout styles. The 2 systems include the Power Rod Resistance system and the SpiraFlex technology system. The Power Rod Resistance system is great for tone and strength. If you are looking to gain and maintain muscles, then this system is the best. If you are looking to build more muscle mass, the Spiraflex technology system would be a better fit. Both systems are excellent in-home machines and will give you great workout experiences.

Power Rod Resistance

The Power Rod Resistance machine uses a pulley cable method to create resistance while you are working out. As you move throughout your workout routine, the resistance causes friction and muscle contraction. This helps you tone and strengthen your muscles. The tension starts out low then increases as you progress through your workout routine. The increased tension helps build and tone muscles and allows you to gradually work up to your desired tension level. As it creates more tension, you are able to build and tone your muscles.

Home Gym Systems
Home Gym Systems

Power Rods: The Pros

If you are a newbie, this system is a great way for you to cut your teeth. You can easily change your tension level. This system gives a different feel from free weights and does not cause as much soreness as you would experience if you were using free weights. Free weights can be tricky and could require the use of a spotter in some cases. This system doesn’t require you to have a spotter. This is an excellent system if you’re looking to manage your weight. This, coupled with a reasonable diet, can help you achieve your goals. This system is a nice alternative to a gym membership and offers payment plans. Some power rod resistance machines like the PR1000 also include built-in rowing machines, a feature many fitness users enjoy.

Power Rods: The Cons

If you are looking for the bodybuilder physique, this is not the system for you. Sorry to disappoint you, but this system is not going to get you “ripped”. Depending on your budget, this system can be pricey. The cost can be as low as $649 and as high as $2,499.

SpiraFlex Technology

The SpiraFlex technology system uses a pulley cable method, as well and the resistance comes from the circular cams that coil when muscular force is applied. The resistance remains the same throughout the workout routine. This system is the one that closely mimics the workout that you would receive in the gym. There are two versions of this machine which include the Bowflex Revolution XP which starts at $2,499 and the Bowflex Revolution which starts at $2,999.

SpiralFlex: The Pros

This system is meant to build more muscle mass and feels closer to free weights than its predecessor. You’ll see more muscle definition with this system. It’s sturdy and is made of high-quality material. The system offers payment plans as well.

SpiralFlex: The Cons

At a price of $2,499, this system can be out of reach for some consumers.

What can you expect from each machine?

Both systems allow you to do more than 90 different workout routines. These systems are not flimsy home workout systems. Both are built sturdy and made of high-quality material.

There are several different exercise routines that you can do with both systems. They will provide you with a complete and total body workout. The routines can include exercises to work in the following areas:

  • Abs
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Shoulders
  • Arms

You can use the Bowflex machine for resisted crunches which would consist of using the pulley cable method to create resistance while you do regular crunches. This will help to build and strengthen your core muscles. Twisted crunches and trunk rotation exercise routines will also build your abs. There is almost an unlimited combination of core and ab workouts.

Both machines would provide a variety of different workout routines to strengthen your upper body. The back, chest, shoulders, and arms would benefit from the upper body workout routines.

For example, the incline bench press would strengthen and build your chest and arm muscles. To perform this exercise, you would simply sit on the bench and grasp the handles with your palms facing forward. Push the handles forward and slightly upwards. Fully extend your arms and then allow them to slowly return after a brief pause.

Other upper body workout routines would include the chest fly routine and the decline bench press. Workout routines for the shoulders could include the seated shoulder press and the seated rear deltoid row. Both of these workouts can help strengthen your shoulder muscles.

Let’s not forget the lower body workouts. You could use the Bowflex machine for seated leg extensions. To begin this workout, you would sit on the seat facing away from the pulley system. Place your feet behind the leg curl attachment and extend your legs in front of you then return after a short pause. This leg press station has up to 600 pounds of resistance. Other lower body workouts include the seated leg curl, the leg press and hip flexion.

The Bowflex machine also

has built-in rowing capabilities. This gives users a great cardio workout.

Final Thoughts

With the New Year’s around the corner, this is an excellent time for you to start setting and meeting your New Year’s resolutions. Bowflex home gyms offer an excellent way to get you on the right path to a healthy lifestyle. There are two systems that work great for certain individuals. The Power Rod System is excellent for muscle tone and provides a great cardio workout for individuals who are looking to maintain muscle tone. On the other hand, the SpiraFlex technology system allows individuals who are looking to do more intense muscle building to have a great workout routine. With the Bowflex home gym system and healthy eating habits, you can have your dream body in no time.