71st India’s Independence Day (15th August) – Let we celebrate


For the special occasion of India’s Independence Day (2017), I have collected best peace of speech for students, kids, teachers and our readers/visitors etc.

India’s Independence Day (2017)

Indian Independence Day
Indian Independence Day

History of India’s Independence Day at a Glance,

Respected readers and my dear friends. Today, we all are gathered here to celebrate our 71st Independence Day.

Firstly, I want to salute to Indian Army On This 71st Independence Day of India. It was in 1857 India started its independence struggle forcefully through a revolt named “The Great Revolt” against the British and after 90 years on the night of August 14, 1947, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru rose to make a maiden speech in New Delhi, “When the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.” Yes, India became free from the bondage of British rule.

Indian flag is flying.

The midnight of August 15, 1947, is memorable for every Indian on earth, as it is the time when India gained independence from the power of the British. The otherwise suppressed tri-colored flag of India was given its due respect when it was hoisted in the midnight on the Independence Day. Since then, the red-letter day is celebrated with splendor and happiness. Cultural programs and flag-hoisting ceremonies are the predominant affairs of the day, while colourful kites fill the sky in the evening, to symbolize freedom. People indulge themselves in remembering the heroes of the freedom struggle and pay homage to them. You can add more flavour to your speech “History of 15th August 1947“.

Why don’t Indian Muslims say Vande Mataram?

What do you think?

Friends this time we are going to celebrate our 71st Independence day. In these 71 years, we have achieved a lot and many things are yet to be achieved. There are many problems in front of us such as poverty, corruption etc. Those are making our country weak day by day. So this is our first priority to solve these problems and make our country strong. Because of our freedom fighters, leaders etc. Left this country in our hands and it’s our duty to make this motherland wonderful.

Salutes the freedom fighters of India

Today, I’ve come with a short film for you. The name of this short film is “JAY HIND“.

What happened, if we did not get the freedom?

Want to know the answer? Let’s watch the 6 minutes short film to get the answer. I think you should watch this video clip.

Now, it’s time to say…


Let’s speak together… “JAY HIND“… & “Vande Mataram

Thank you…

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