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All we know that day by day Google is becoming very stiff and now it is really very hard to get page rank. Who are very new to blogging or knows very little, for them getting page rank are likely getting mooned in hands.

But yet I want to say if we follow Google’s rules and go through according to its policy we can still get page rank.

Today I am going to tell you about Google page rank update history and some simple tips to increase the ranking of your blog.

True Facts About Google Page Rank:

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Google ranks its pages refers to the value of any website. The more page rank you have, the more your site value is. Depending on your website’s page rank people will try to evaluate your blog.

Google page rank starts from 0 to 10. Normally the new sites get N/A or 0 out of 10.  Google doesn’t update page rank in a regular interval even doesn’t update page rank for a particular site. Google update page rank whenever it wants and updates all the sites at once.

Your website’s page rank is 0 as a result, you are thinking that when Google will update the page rank you will automatically get page rank 1 but that’s not true. I have seen a lot of website ranking from 0 to 3 with a jump. This completely depends on the Search Engine Optimization.

Page Rank Update History:

Normally Google updates page rank in every 3/4 months. Here is list of page rank update history.

Google PageRank update July 2015 Coming soon.

Last Google PageRank update: 6 December 2013

PageRank update history

  1. 5-6 December 2013
  2. 4 February 2013
  3. 7 November 2012
  4. 2 August 2012
  5. 2 May 2012
  6. 7 February 2012
  7. 7 November 2011
  8. 1st Week August 2011
  9. JULY 2011
  10. JUNE 2011
  11. JANUARY 2011
  12. April 2010
  13. Dec 31, 2009
  14. 30 October 2009
  15. 27-28 May 2009
  16. June 2009
  17. 1 -2 April 2009
  18. 30-31 December 2008
  19. 27 September 2008
  20. 26 July 2008
  21. 29 April 2008
  22. 9 January 2008
  23. 26 October 2007
  24. 28 April 2007
  • Some Tips for Google Page Rank:

Getting page rank from Google is really so tough, by the way these are some use full tips which you can follow to increase your site page rank.

  • Relevant Backlinks:

Taking backlinks from every kind of site is not good. Only try to get relevant backlinks. For example, if your site is all about search engine optimization, then you can’t take any backlinks from a cooking site. You have to choose only relevant site.

  • Blog Comment:

You can get good quality backlinks through blog comments. But remember everything has a limit, you can’t create 30-40 backlinks per day. If you do it will hurt your site. Try to comment high PR site and try to get backlinks from them. 4 to 5 backlinks per day is good to go.

  • Forum Posting:

Google loves forum members and backlinks from forum. Try to engage various relevant forums and try to keep posting with your keyword within the anchor text.

higher google page rank

  • High PR Backlinks:

Always try to get backlinks from high PR site. Remember a backlinks from a PR 6 site is much better than 50 PR 0 backlinks.

  • Quality Content:

You know content is the king so you must write quality content for your readers.

Try to write at least 400+ words article. Always remember you have to write for your readers, not for Google. Try to write authentic and unique content and avoid copy pasting.

  • Guest Blogging:

Here you have to be very conscious about guest blogging. So far we knew that guest blogging is one of the best way to increase page rank and blog traffic, but in this particular area Google is now very stiff.

Although I will tell you to do guest blogging for creating your brand image and building relationship with other readers and authors. But don’t go only for backlinks. When you will go for guest blogging, you must pick up only the relevant blog.

For better understanding you may read Guest Blogging in 2015.

Alternatively, you can check Google page rank of your website on

Now Your Turn

If you have anything to share with me or want to know something about page rank, feel free to leave your comment.

Thank you.

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