The Right Rules of Social Bookmarking in SEO


Hi, how are you? I am fine. Today, I am sharing another topic for you guys. The name of the topic is: The Right Rules of Social Bookmarking in SEO.  

SEO is divided into two types. That is: On Page and Off Page. But, I do not discuss about the On Page. I will discuss about the Off Page. Social bookmarking is one of the steps in off page. Which is a useful step to bring traffic. Lets’ start it.

Social bookmarking in SEO

social bookmarking in SEO

Step 1:   At first, you search Google  or collect any other social Bookmarking sites  (high page rank is the best) then you will see that “Submit a New Story” (pages on the upper side),  and then Please register. Here, it is a link as an example:






Step 2:  Then, continue it by entering email name, password and captcha code.


Step  3: After registration, a confirmation link may go to your email or directly open any image in your profile. Just like this:


Step 4: Then, click on the “Submit a New Story” and  fill up  all the blanks and continue it.


Step 5: Then, you fill up the blanks by giving the site title and key word.


Step 6: Then it would look like this. Then, lets the user to click on the name.


Step 7:  After clicking on the username then, it will come just like this. Just look at the Vote 1 and then submitted it.


Step 8: If everything goes well, then click on the “Submit” button.  Then, confirm the next page.


This is a confirm page.