Importance of Social Media Marketing for getting more visitors


Connect your blog with Social Sites!!! From starting children to young, old persons all are related with social media. They understand something or not about net but in present 90% smart phone users have at least one FB ID. So here you are getting your targeted persons. Suppose, you have a cosmetic shop in online. And through this FB, those who are targeted and also stylish persons will buy your product, you can find them.

Learn Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

The techniques of getting visitors:

Your first work is- opening 5 Facebook ID and adding 5000 friends in each. Then you got 25 thousand friends. 25000 friends but it will be not done if anyone is there, those who are interested with your blog, you have to need that the persons. Great trouble!!!!! Isn’t it? Don’t get fear, I will show you a system through which you can do this work within 3/4 days very easily.

Add 50 groups at each ID, then there are 250 groups in 5 IDs. But you have to be relevant. You are working with x subject then you should add that group which group discusses with x subject.  In another word, you will be a spammer. In spite of that, you will not get wanted visitors. Example: If you add in love group, going to there you posted what will be the result of web design? Most of the case, it is seen that those who are engaged with love, they don’t go to web design or income. There if you post 10 thousand though this work will be not done. So you have to add yourself in relevant group.

Open a page with name of your website. Warning!!!! Page will not be opened twice. Then it can be happened it’s opposite. When total 25 thousand friends will be filled in your 5 IDs, then invite that 25 thousand friends for giving like.

Everything of Facebook in One Click:

Hearing my statement, you have got mad. When and how will I work these? No problem, I’m here. You have to add two extensions in Google chrome. One is- “Toolkit for Facebook” and another is- “Invite all friends on Facebook“. And don’t forget to read the article on “How to invite all Facebook friends in one click to like a Facebook fan page“.

There is good thing if you know how to add the extension or if you don’t know then follow that.

  1. Follow this link to Search extension in the search box.
  2. Then add the extension into chrome.

Search Extension

Invite all friends on Facebook:

You can invite all friends for giving like in your page with this extension.


Go to your wanted page of Facebook (for giving like in which page you will invite). Then click on invite friends to like this from the right side, a pop-up box will come like in the following.

select all friends to send invitation

Then scrolling it, go to at the last. Then click on the “Button” of invite all from the corner. It will take few times then this work is finished. In this way do it in your 5 IDs.

Toolkit for Facebook:

Go to all that button which you want to press button automatically. Example: Add friend Button, Confirm Button, Like Button, Join Button etc. Then how much you need, go there by scrolling. Click in icon of Toolkit from corner. Then which button you are wanting to press auto, select that button. Yes this work is finished. Who get you after this.

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