Now the piracy monster, Kickass Torrents ( is murdered


Will you mourn or enjoy for this murder? You will have to decide it.

Who is this Kickass Torrents (

Its full name of “” is “KickAss Torrents“, who know and call it in short Kat. Its activity is- ramping (copying illegally) of cinema, songs, video games and several digital content and distributing all that in poor men (mentality). So its cast is a website. And it was murdered by closing this site for ever on the last Thursday (21-7-2016).

kickass torrent banned

Who is the father of this KickAssTorrents?

Artem Vaulin is the father of this robber. His age is 30 years. Who use a pseudonym as “team screen“. In 2008 he gave birth this favourite son Kat. He writes in his profile, he works in cryptonym and there he is only a servant and owner. But the actual truth is- there are profile of 20 persons in this cryptonym, through which some people are managing director or some people software engineer. It means liar robber.

Where is Kickass Torrents’ father now?

On last Wednesday (20-7-2016) Border Guard Force of Poland caught him at the Warsaw Chopin Airport and after then he is eating rice (?) by sitting on soul now. He had copied cinema, songs, video games and several digital content illegally more than 100 crores US dollar. The US administration was looking for him. It has been heard that in US court if judgment is held of him, he will get punishment of 20 years.

What is the main activity of this famous man (Artem Vaulin)?

His favourite son ( is very well known to men. Through his son, he had distributed copyright of 100 crores US dollar in poor (mentality) by evading Investigation Organization, it means he used to do business in several countries through server (where materials of robbery store).When and where his property seized, he had evaded in other places by taking away his domain (site’s name). It is known that according to Chicago Federal court charge-when Kat’s domain had been closed in Britain, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Belgium and Malaysia, he had evaded by taking away in another place, using his computer server network which had spread already in several countries. And he used to take responsibility himself, his son’s decoration (design of the website). And he used to do all these things through cryptonym which was well known his organization.

Now, how did he (Artem Vaulin) fail?

He failed because his intrigue has been caught, so now his Kat’s servers have been closed in several places of the country. And like robbers have many right and left hands, like that 5 proxy sites of his maim sites and domain name also have been closed. How he was caught at the time of entering Poland? Because it was not possible to catch him. Then how force knew that he is Vaulin? In this matter Apple helped Investigation officers. Apple had Vaulin’s eye cloud account and they gave that information to Investigation officers.

How poor (mentality) men would get benefit by Kat?

Kat’s behaviour was very good for which poor (mentality) had made their own. Because Kat was very modern and user friendly. Where user used to get their favourite content very easily which was copyright protected. Are you wondering? You are thinking, how copyright protected content used to get here? Yes, it was his big quality. Through Kat’s website anyone used to download his favourite cinema, video games, music etc. On his PC, laptop or mobile very easily with free of cost. It would run in 28 languages, in which all cinema hall new film used to run, almost all of them would download from here.

How he would survive by distributing all in poor (mentality) people?

The present price of this website is 5.50 crore US dollars. This website used to earn totally by an advertisement which was per year from 1.25 crore to 2.23 crore US dollars. Those who work of making website they know if you said any client- to make website 10 thousand will need, among then many people will say so much money by incision the eyebrow? Now, you have to suffer to make them understand that, for giving name this website will need a cost, its rent in which server website will stay. In spite of this good plug in, cost to buy a theme, cost by doing SEO and behind there are your valuable time and commission. No, I don’t need so many things rather make a website somewhat in less price. Now you will say, see to make a website, we that can be the source of your income. I hope he will understand this, behind a website if you invest then you can get more than of that and it can do honestly and regularly, just if you don’t break the law like Kat. Because there are many thousand sites who don’t break the law and giving benefits to website users they are earning also million dollars.

What you will do? Mourn or enjoy?

It is time to mourn for useful users till today. By I will say accept this, it will better for all. How? See in market there are now massive source software or sail software also and both are legal. Like Java software is getting free like that type of work it will need money to see sharp. Two things are running in the market, any of these are closed. Company of both software have earned money by following the law. So I will say songs, video games, software etc. anything is gotten from the internet, leave that on the manufacturers’ decision if they will give free or not. Because here if they don’t have freedom, they will lose their encouragement. Which will decrease next’s generation. Rather, you take the decision being boss if you will take things free of manufacturer or with payment. Why you will give chance to earn anyone by using intrigue like Kat.

My Opinion:

We will mourn all and we will wait for another site like Kat. We are not so rich that buying a desktop PC in 20,000 thousand rupees and a software in 2, 20,000 rupees and then we will decorate that PC like a new bride! One Kat will go and thousand Kats will come. Who are poor like us, but for intelligent persons God is hope above and below Kat. What benefits were done by Kat for the world that we will remember forever.

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