What and why is SEO audit? And Check List Guideline


What is an SEO Audit?

I have given two examples to understand about the SEO Audit. First example: generally, why do we go to the MBBS doctor? Because, to understand the type of disease and what should we do for curing the disease? And the second example is: if you do not change the mobil oil on your bike or car, then it effects on the engine of your bike or car.

Do you know what is SEO audit and why SEO audit is so important?

What and why is SEO audit?

From two examples, we understand it clearly that what is actually SEO audit? Next, I just tell you that SEO audit is very important for your old Website and new Website. Your old site is performing well and you do not audit because you think that I have performed well. But, I know that Google gives two types of penalty:

  1. Manual Penalty
  2. Animal Penalty (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird).

Anybody does not say that when gives the Manual Penalty? But, in every update, so many Websites get a penalty. Someone due to, content, someone due to aggressive link building. The maintainer of the site can take a strategy by auditing. You may know the previous result that is your investment going to the right way or not?


Why is it so important? 

If I tell you that its importance is that level from which level an MBBS doctor checks the disease of victims and solve it. So, for you, it is important to keep your engine right. If you want to go your business in upward level, then it is very important to do SEO audit.

  • You will able to do an SEO audit for surviving in rank.
  • You will get a clear cut idea about the condition of your online business and its preventive.
  • You also know how do you increase the authority of your site through the correct plan?
  • You also know the condition of the optimization of your site for search engine and to fix the issues of your page.
  • You will get a guidance about how do you increase the sell, lead etc.
  • You will get more targeted traffics from online.
  • It works for search engine ranking.
  • You will be able to know that is search engine crawling your site or which pages do not crawl and the situation of the index.

When these matters will clear in your mind, then you will understand that what step should be taken. Actually, SEO audit gains a huge amount of experience. So, the person who is doing audits, obviously recruit it by judging seriously.

So many freelancers do it without getting any clear cut idea about the auditing. Then they get results hand to hand and the amount of bad experience is larger than good experience. But, if anybody works it by doing SEO audit, then he/she easily avoids any problems.

Some Important Features of SEO Audit:  

  • Change of the Algorithm:

Search Engine is always updating their algorithm. As a major part, here mentions that how do you adjust yourself with the update. As you never face any problem in future.

  • Webmaster Guideline:

Some rules define the search engine in the case of ranking. By using SEO audit, you may know that any rules have you broken or not. If you break the rules, then you may also know that in which step you will take.

  • Web site Error: 

This section is huge emphasized by people if any broken links or coding link are available or not. Because, if you do not do technical SEO, then the search engine does not read you though your quality of your content is hi fi.

  • Title and Meta:

Title and Meta is not only for search engine, it is very important for the visitors. In SEO audit, it gives the priority.

  • Outdated Content:

You have to change in content according to the time. SEO audit helps you to re-edit the content and also helps you to take your site at its zenith.


SEO audit checklist:

On-Page Optimization:

Title Tag Optimization

Meta description

The tiles of Pages and Meta Description

Meta Title and Description: Audit the pages.

Content Analysis

Keyword Verification

Primary keyword and Tag Optimization

Image and Tag Optimization

URL Optimize

Clean URL

Short URL and Long URL


Home Page Content Optimize.

Landing Page Optimize

Proper Keyword Targeting

Keyword Cannibalization

User Content

Head Line and Blog Tune

Content versus Ads

Content Formatting.

Duplicate Content:

URL Parameter Track

Duplicate Content Check

Sub-Domain Duplicate

Site Secure version

Print Page Check

Accessibility and Indexing:


JavaScript, CSS, and Cookies

User Agent Google boat

Site Architecture and Internal Linking: 

Some links in Page

Vertical Linking Structure

Horizontal Linking Structure

The links in inside the Content

The linking in the footer

Internal Anchor Text

Broken Link

Technical Issue:

Proper 301 redirection.

Bad Redirection.

Leverage redirects Chain

Use of JavaScript

Use of Eye frame

Use of Flush

Webmaster tool and Error check

XML Site map.

Canonical version.

Proper Real Canonical.

Relative URL.

Site Speed:

The loading time of main pages.

Compression Enable.

Caching Enable.

Image Optimize.

CSS/JS/HTML minify

Use of CDN.


Mobile Experience Review.

Use of Analytics separately.

Mobile redirection.


International URL Review.

Country-based targeted webmaster tool set up.

Currency, Relevance Country Targeted

URL Structure Native


Analytics Tracking Code in all pages.

GA Property.

Internal search

Demography Tracking Setup.

Ad Words and Adsense proper Link Check.

Internal IP Address.

UTM Campaign Parameter.

Event Tracking Parameter

Some Important Tools:

Web Developer Tool.

User Agent Add on.


Link Checker

SEO Book toolbar.



Screaming Fogg

Technical Mobile Practice.

Hopefully, you have got a clear cut idea about SEO audit. Keep in mind that you never do SEO audit by anybody. A young doctor never gives you a good idea, but an experienced doctor will give you a very good idea. So, though it is costly, you always go to a good experienced doctor.

Generally, for buying the SEO AUDIT, YOU HAVE TO spend 200 dollars.

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