Tech Is Trying to Get in Your Kitchen – What You Need to Know?


On a fine Saturday night, Salazar made some chicken tacos when his friends visited his home. He constantly chatted with them, as any of us would, but in between conversations, he talked to another friend of his – Google Assistant. Yes! Salazar was constantly speaking to Google Home which comes integrated with artificial intelligence and it can be activated using voice control. You can command this brilliant artificial intelligent speaker, that has been placed on the kitchen countertop with commands like “Hey Google, set a timer for 20 minutes,”. This would set the timer of your microwave oven to get cooked and perfectly ready for shredding.

You can also ask the Assistant to do various other things like “Tell Me a Joke”, or “Who Sing Me the Birthday Song”. Hence, it helps to develop an interactive session with the user and device. Smart devices are the latest trend. These appliances are the best way to make your kitchen a smarter place to be in. Devices like the Rotimatic Reviews, allows you to enjoy a lot of ease and comfort cooking experience daily.

For a lot of people, the kitchen in their home is the centre of their home and there are a lot of interactions that are going on here apart from cooking and eating the food. Tech companies and a lot of other manufacturers are aiming to provide a better relationship between customers and the devices they are using in their kitchen. At several big events like the CES and Smart Kitchen Summit, we have seen how developers have brought in new innovations and used advanced technology to traditional kitchen devices and appliances. The use of voice recognition technology, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things have become popular. Don’t forget to check our rotimatic reviews in India.

Several household brands like Samsung, Bosch and even Whirlpool, are racing to introduce new tech innovations by collaborating with Google and Amazon. Internet-connected appliances and gadgets are becoming the latest trend in the kitchen and a lot of people are choosing them over their traditional counterparts. From smart refrigerators, microwave ovens, dishwashers, etc.

However, still now the idea of developing a smart kitchen remains to be sceptical. It is yet to prove its worth to the masses. Habits can be really hard to change. That is why many people still want to rely on their traditional appliances and have kept themselves away from smart devices. You’ll be surprised to know that only 5% of all-American households have owned smart appliances till date. That is a really small number in the industry and a lot more remains to be seen how the development progresses.

The global kitchen industry is expected to increase from a whopping $175 billion to $254 billion by 2021 and that is a huge growth. Even though it will take some time, people are going to adopt to the new changes that are going around in the world and smart kitchen appliances, like the Rotimatic Rotimaker Reviews and other elements will eventually invade homes.

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