Such an Android app with which you can talk with free of cost in any number or in any country


Once again, I have appeared in front of you with a new tune. I’m hoping you will like it/ if there is any mistake, then forgive me as a younger brother Admin brother. I’m starting my tunes.

Do you know now you can talk with free of cost in any number or in any country?

WhatsCall Free Calling

Today I will give you like that app.

With which your mind will dance with joy. From now you can call free in any mobile number. You can call only from android phone. Downloading app-now installing that app open and click on Sign Up.

Giving your mobile number, and click on Next.

Now see a code has come on your mobile, give that and with your name and password click on the done button.

Now click on Get started, to sign up you will get a free 1000 credit.

Now click in getting more credits, if you click there you will see several options from which you will get free credits.

Then clicking in calls, and then dialling your wanted mobile number and then click on the blue button and then click and call. You will see free call writing has been written and watch in upper current rate: 260 credits/min, that means 240 credits will need per minute to call. You may think so much credit, with this if you said one minute then is all finished? But no.

Opening apps and going to credits option if you click on Earn some lucky Credits then you will get 100 credits. In this way you will take after by after per each 5 minutes. So is there any problem more?

Anyway, I will not say more. See by downloading for yourself.

Let’s go and see the features of apps:

The features of this app:

  1. It will work well in jellybean of android, kit kat, Lollypop and new version marshmallow.
  2. Quality and power of call are very much clear.
  3. You can call in any number.
  4. Fixed dial-pad.
  5. Referral bonus point.

I hope all of you have understood. I don’t know anyone has shared or not shared with you this app before. But I’m sharing first. If anyone needs this then they can download.

I gave some picture of this app.


You can download this app from below if you like it.

Download Now.