C2C: (Consumer to Consumer) E-Commerce Business Model


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1.10. C2C: (Consumer to Consumer) E-Commerce Business Model

Consumer to Consumer

By C2C business, we understand that a consumer who purchases his/her product to another consumer through a third party. As an example, we refer online auction in where a consumer posts his/her product for selling and other consumer bids his/her product if he/she likes that. The third party, in which website the product has uploaded, that websites charge a commission. In this case, the most appropriate example is eBay. “Ebay is one of the popular websites in where you may visit that website.

Here, we have discussed 4 business models of E-Commerce. But, there are also some businesses models exist in the sphere of E-Commerce business. These are:

  1. G2G:  Government to Government.
  2. G2E:   Government to Employee.
  3. G2B:   Government to Business.
  4. G2C:   Citizen to Government.

You may find out these business models if you search on the Internet.

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