Sometimes websites redirecting automatically to other website


Hi friends, recently I’m facing a problem and I’m not able to solve this problem. Sometimes some websites are redirecting automatically to another website at the time of browsing on Google Chrome or others browsers.

I don’t use others browsers, I only use Google Chrome and I’m facing this problem on Google Chrome. Maximum time maximum websites are automatically redirecting to others website. I have not installed any extension or add-ons.  I have checked extension list or add-ons list on Google Chrome and Firefox browser. Nothing has been founded.

Websites Redirecting Automatically

websites redirecting automatically

If anyone knows the reason of this type of problem, please knock me by leaving the comment in the comment area. I don’t know what the reason for auto-redirect is. Sometimes is also redirecting to other websites.

Help Me! * Help Me! * Help Me!

I’ve got the solution to this auto-redirect virus.

Cause: You are using Alexa Boost up for boosting Alexa rank of your website.


You have visited on a harmful website which installed auto-redirect virus automatically in your browser or which had malicious code.

Solution: You have to reset your browser. Your problem (Auto Redirect problem) will be solved.

Watch the video tutorial for removing auto-redirect virus.

Thank you…

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