How to register on Mental Club as an author for publishing a new article?


Want to register on Mental Club? Want to publish a new article on Mental Club? – It is very easy, one click registration process, you just have to provide a user name (Your Name) and a valid email ID. Read the process of new user registration as an author.

How to register on Mental Club?

Before starting, you have to register, click here to register with your user name and email ID.

join with mental club

Now provide your name and email.

register on mental club

After clicking on the register button, you have to check your email account. The Mental Club will send you your USER ID and an auto generated password.

What can do an author on Mental Club?

Author – somebody who can publish and manage their own posts. An author can write a new post/article about technology for publishing on Mental Club, publish posts, edit his/her own posts, delete_posts, delete_published_posts, edit_published_posts, publish_posts, read posts, upload_files (Image/Media file only).

How to confirm email address?

After registering, Mental Club sends the password to your provided email account. Check your email for user name and password. If your email does not exist in your inbox (Primary folder), then please check “Updates” folder or “Spam” folder.

check your email

Check your inbox for getting the password.

check email for password

Open your email, you will get an autogenerated password like below.

autogenerated password

Now logged in with your user name and password.

logged in with your email and password

Alternatively, you can login from home page.

login from home

We will recommend you for changing the autogenerated password after first logged in.

change password

Thank you, We think, you have understood, if not you may leave a comment. Have a great trick day.

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