Some Discussed and Dangerous Intelligence Agencies: Know the Process of Killing the Atomic Scientist of Iran by Mossad Detectives


1.    GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate):


It is the largest Intelligence agency of Russia. It is directly directed by the Military (under the Jurisdiction of Russian President). The agent of the GRU is six times larger than the famous Russian institution foreign operations Directorate of KGB. The agents of GRU spying in all over the countries. This eye catching office is situated in Khoroshevskoye shosse 76, Khodinka, Moscow.

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In America, it’s an equivalent institution is MA+NSA. GRU has basically worked in various countries (especially spying on the recent activities of America and NATO) and also provides military supports to the KGB.

2.    Committee for State Security (or better known, as KGB):

There are no people who do not know the name KGB. It was the most famous intelligence agency ever known…  it’s a benchmark for all the intelligence agency out there. Once upon a time, the Cheka of Lenin, and from this Cheka, Lavrenty Beria, the closest person of Stalin, made the NKVD and after dying Stalin, the NKVD was turned into the KGB. At a time, Yuri Andropov was in charge of the KGB.

During the Soviet period, KGB chief who was somehow behind the scenes in the ring. Politics, Economics, Military, Technology, and Business: KGB is working on everything. The CIA spy museum was the tribute of the KGB. Think about it that the CIA is the opponent of  the KGB in the Cold War. But, there are so many plaques on which English and Rus language are written over it. The condition is such that if a little boy enters into the CIA spy museum, then the little boy will come as a fan of the KGB. Spy gadgets are kept in the SPY museum, which were ever recovered by the CIA with the KGB agents. Now, the KGB is a history. After the falling of the Soviet Union, it was divided into the two types. One is FSB, which works with the entire matters. It is just like an FBI of America. It is head quarter is in Moscow.


Another one is SVR, which is a classic spy agency. Its main office is somehow far away from Moscow. SVR does those things which you understand about the spy thriller.


The present president of Russia Vladimir Putin was the cornel of KGB at a time. Military and civilian both of them work together. From Suit-boot person to street beggar look spying person: all are engaged with this Intelligence agency.

3. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA:

It is the most successful intelligence agency in History. To keep the US dominion, it is working and will work. CIS has a thing which creates a difference with other agencies. And the thing is huge amount of money. There is a proverb is that: “everything is for sale, everyone can be bought, all you have to say is the right price”. And CIS easily takes it by the power of money. There is a very few tasks which do not work without money. CIS is staying, will stay and in future it will more aggressively. And Mossad and Shin Belt is always with the CIS as a friend. The headquarters of the CIA is situated in Langley, Virginia.


4.    NSA (National security agency):

In the Information Technology world, National Security Agency is the costly and high-tech intelligence agency. They are the best mathematician, cryptographer, computer programmer, scientist, IT. Their main works are Signal, Information, data monitoring, analysis, bugging etc. In these tasks, they use various super computers. Is it possible? There are so many such type agencies are GCHQ of Britain, FSO of Russia, and MSS of China.



5.    MI 5 and MI 6:

MI-5 is just like the Russian FSB or American FBI. It works with the domestic matters. And MI-6 is just like the CIA or SVR or Mossad. In the movie, James Bond works as an agent of MI-6. In the Second World War, SOE (MI 6) got an extraordinary success. There is a huge fame on information collected and in surveillance and sabotage.


6.    Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI):

ISI is the most discussed detective institutions of Pakistan. Now, I know the ISI as a new look of ISI after Zia-Ul-Haq seized the power. Zia-Ul-Haq came to the power of Pakistan by dethroning the Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. His power is to extreme rule. Ziaul Haq gave the power of the ISI to Hamid Gul. Then, ISI got a new look.

ISI had become a dangerous detective institution of Pakistan. ISI blamed for their dangerous works in India, Afghanistan, China, USA, Britain, and even inside the Pakistan. Hamid Gul, who was called “the father of Taliban”. For the Soviet Union, the Afghanistan was tuned into the Vietnam and it was especially done by ISI.

It does not mean that the weapons of the CIA are handed over to the Taliban or al-Qaeda’s weapons. ISI had a direct role in the attack in Afghanistan against the anti-campaign of the Soviet Union. The contribution of this institution is not less in the Cold War on America. ISI hid Laden for a long time. The Americans know it now. Agencies such as the CIA or the NSA, where bin Laden has been trying hard to catch them with the gadget and gear and there, they hid Laden for 10 years and they played hide and seek game with  the CIA which may call Double Cross.

Mike Hayden, the former head of the CIA, said he did not believe the ISI. But, there was no process of disbelief. Because, after 2001, all Al-Quadi’s head Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, Ramji Bin Yousuf all are caught by ISI. And handed over to the America. When CIA or the US administration suspected on ISI, then they arrested one or two al- Qaeda or the Taliban and handed to the America. A ball buster of ISI, according to the Mike Hayden, the double crossing of the ISI had an important role to convince the US administration and DOD.

After the killing of Laden, the distance is increased  between the CIA and ISI. Pakistan has survived mainly on the mass of the intelligence. But, ISI is in the behind of many disturbances of Pakistan. It runs its own rule. It is suspected that the Government itself had no control on it. There are lots of fractions inside it. It interferes in the political matters of Pakistan. ISI is one the main cause of damaging the Pakistan politics.

7.    The Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW or RAW):

It is the Indian Investigation Agency. Its main rivalry is ISI. It’s mainly just like an American CIA or Russian SVR. And the NIA deals with the internal matter of India. RAW was formed in 1968. During the time of Liberation in Bangladesh, a huge amount of people wen in India as a refugee. RAW helped the training weapons and logistics.

The head of the RAW was general Caw. General Caw pretending himself as a curry seller. He came in 1975 to alert the Bango Bondhu (Sheikh Mujibar Rahman) about the bad news of the military. General Caw wrote all of these in his autobiography. He also wrote that how RAW knew everything that the conspiracy of death of Bango Bondhu, the time of the conspiracy of murdering, the planning place and who was the main attacker. Although Bono Bondhu did not believe at all. He just took this matter lightly.  On the contrary, he dismissed it just as a joke. He believed the people of Bangladesh a lot. He never thought that the people of Bangladesh would treacherous to him. And killed him by shooting bullet in his chest.

There is a lot of success of RAW. There are so many failures of RAW. Raw knew that there was a conspiracy of the killing of Bongo Bondhu but RAW did not aware of the conspiracy of killing its own Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. But, their friend agency KGB alerted the Prime Minister of India. However, RAW had done an important role to stop the anti-interest activities in between the Tamilnadu and SriLanka border. Although, the death of Indira Gandhi was happened due to the shot of the assailant. And the killer was her security man. Indira Gandhi’s son Rajiv Gandhi was killed by Tamil Tigers. RAW was a totally failure to restrict it. And RAW is not an aggressive investigation agency. It does work with the self-defense. It is the motto of RAW.

8.  VAJA:

The Islamic revolution, SAVAK name was changed and VAVAK was replaced. Now, VAJA is the present name. All of the people called it as a SAVAK. However, the enemy of it is never end.

Especially, Iran is the eyesore of America, Israel, and Saudi Arab. Some days before, Mossad killed some Irani Nuclear Scientist. Scientists went back home after finishing their work. Mossad followed them and blasting bomb. To revenge it, SAVAK was not late. SAVAK killed them in the same process.

9.    Mossad and Shin bet:

They are brutal… as simple as that… Mossad is called “the most effective killing machine out there”. The Cold War was happening. Nikita Khrushchev was delivering his speech in the Soviet Union. He seized the power after the death of Stalin. If Stalin alive, then nobody talked against him. The situation is getting worried if anybody talked against him. Nikita Khrushchev talked about the thrilling condition of Stalin. But, so many works were forced to do it which is directed by Stalin. Only the Communist Party was joined in that seminar. But, the audio copy was somehow handed to Mossad. It handed to the CIA. Radio Free Europe broadcasts it through the whole of Europe. This is the weapon for fighting.

Forcefully to the establishment of Israel, the Israeli strategy is to maintain the occupation, extraordinary contribution to the three Arab Israel battle: these are the one of the success stories of Mossad. In 1967, Israel defeated the mighty Arab Emirates. Mossad is the behind of all these. They love to announcement and they love to be promoted. They made this website extraordinarily. This type of this competition is also available there. Online Recruitment is also available. Any Jewish of any other part of the world, mossad is always there. If anybody does any work against the Israel, then the Mossad will find out that person and killed him.

One German scientist helped Saddam for developing Scud Missile. As a result, Mossad killed him in Europe. Some days before, a person who game weapons to Hamas, Mossad killed him seven star Hotel Buruz-Al-Khalifa. Mossad knew that it would be caught in closed circuit camera. But, Mossad came with his ambition. He wanted to create fear factor.

Finally, I tell you that, in Movie serial, it is so thrilling, but in reality, it is not so that. You have to keep servicing hours, after hours and you have to desk work for a long time. Intelligence Agency does not mean such kind of James Bond. It is also that the Spy is not such type of James Bond, the muscle man, the spy may be a shot heighted.  These shot heighted people give a good result of it.The  Record tells it.

Money is a big factor of everything. The Intelligence agency is not made in undeveloped countries due to this reason. The number of Police is higher than the number of intelligence agency i.e. They spent their time and labour in the Police activity. For example: Adeo is the intelligence agency, but is actually a Police team.

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