Do you know the name of the Hottest Actress of Bollywood in 2016


Hi friends how are you? Today’s my article gives you a stunned. The name of the article is Hottest Actress of Bollywood in 2016

Hottest Actress of Bollywood of the Year 2016

Surprise Bollywood Hottest actor 2016

Do you know who won the title of the hottest actor in this year?  Now you think it’s sure sunny Leone. No, dear, you are wrong, he is a great handsome man not a lady. Then you think it’s King khan or Bhaijan. But dear, you also wrong. So now I sure you tell it’s Akashay Kumar or Greek God Hritik or Ranbir Kapoor. Not a single one of them. You cannot give the right answer because these answer totally outside of your ideas.

Now I tell you the most famous name and the name is Nana Patekar. Now I sure gone out “AAA” from your mouth. But it’s 100% true. Now you think how is it possible? But friends its real Nana Patekar is a Bollywood hottest actor. Mr. Encounter specialist Sadhu Agasi (Nana Patekar) gets the most votes and surpassing the top position from all a class actors and actress. Entertainment website Redit arranges a voting Poll to know or to find out Bollywood hottest actor. In this pole Nana Patekar left behind all actors and actress and take top position. In present day six pack app is more valuable or important, but hottest actor Nana Patekar (65 years) won this position for his great acting. It’s really very proud full moment for Bollywood.

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