Solution of Data connection is lost During Incoming Call


Introducing CallHeads – phone call app for Android users. Now Android users can keep internet connection running at the time of the incoming call. No incoming call would not cut your internet connection from today.

Solution of Data Connection is Lost During Incoming Call

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Sometimes too many unwanted calls come suddenly and it disconnects the internet connection, stops browsing and stops downloading. A lot of time browser shows dark or black screen. You can get rid of this problem if you are an Android Smartphone user. The name of this app is “CallHeads”.

  1. Name of the app: CallHeads
  2. Platform: Android
  3. Android version requires: 2.3+
  4. Current app version: 1.5 (beta)
  5. Support for Android 4.4 KitKat

About CallHeads

CallHeads issues you a third choice what you can do with a call: you can acknowledge or decrease the call, as well as put off the ring and lift it up a couple of seconds after the fact.

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CallHeads is propelled by the usefulness gave by Facebook’s Chat Heads. It’s just an awesome app 🙂

For more features, please visit at Google Play.

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  1. CallHeads shows incoming call and you can stay in the concurrent app.
  2. Pull CallHeads to active edges to accept, postpone or decline a call.
  3. The Standard phone app will be used if in standby and lock screen.
  4. Works while taking pictures, so don’t let calls interrupt you from capturing a smile.
  5. This app also works on top of most games…

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