Role Of Technology In Changing the Working Environment


We all are loving the technological advancement that helps us in completing the work quickly. Previously, the methods were so tedious and time-consuming that they decrease the actual productivity of the employees. The traditional approach was mostly concerned with manual processing. It consumes most of the company’s time and gives significantly less time to complete the primary duties for their growth. That all approaches can sustain in that era only.

Working Environment
Working Environment

Today’s world demands every work get completed faster and with appropriate quality. To meet such market demand, the transformation of the working culture is necessary. Every business has to adopt the digital platform for completing all the manual processes for improving productivity with a more flexible working culture. 

How Technology Transform The Workplace Culture?

There is a complete transformation in today’s working culture as the tradition of manual working has been vanished completely. Adopting various systems for completing tasks like data entry, employee attendance, leave, payroll process, recruitment, onboarding, and even their induction results in improving the firm’s productive and efficient working culture.

Technology at Office
Technology at Office

To understand more appropriately the effect of technology, consider the following points- 

Improves Speed And Efficiency

The work that previously takes hours to get completed now gets completed within minutes due to technology advancement. The technology has not only improved the manufacturing process with automation system but also enhances the communication processing. As previously, the employees and clients have to deal with the mail communication for any query. Even for a phone call, they have to wait long. This kind of approach is quite frustrating.

With smartphones, the employees can answer the client’s query from even outside the office premises. Sharing of information to other employees and customers via message gets completed within seconds. All such approaches make the speedy communication, and the employees can get answers to their issues within minutes to quickly achieve their task.      

Cooperative Working 

When some of the company members were traveling, it was complicated to communicate and discuss various tasks. Thanks to the online platform that enhanced the communication channel. The company can arrange a virtual meeting where everyone can communicate with each other when all the team members are not present physically at the office.

technology environment

The company now uses the cloud-based service for easy sharing of documents with other members. It helps the employee to access the data quickly and in an appropriate format. HR can use different tools to measure the employee’s growth and find the area that needs improvement. With AI and ML technology, customer services have also improved. They feel more satisfied with today’s working culture as they get quick responses and solutions to their issues.      

Remote Working

With the pandemic, every company learns a lesson about the importance of technology in their working culture. Those who failed to adopt the systems that can help them complete the work remotely were suffered a lot in that period. But it has proved that the employee’s productivity improved while working remotely. Such technology up-grading helps the company fight against such pandemic situations and makes them capable of completing tasks on time.

Remote Working
Remote Working

It also opened a new approach to the job. The candidates can search online to different sites and find the job position that allows a work from home option. Many firms employ a freelancer to work for a particular project, and they allow them to work remotely. Such an approach helped many candidates to continue or even find a new job in a challenging situation. 


All the companies must remain updated to stand in the competitive market that demands regular updates in your product and services. To fulfill such requirements, adopt technological changes to the working environment to make you more known with the advancements and drive the culture more productive and efficient.

Shubham Joshi is an experienced content marketer at FactoHR. Passionate about training and development programs, he is always ready to help colleagues and customers by representing concrete ideas and methodology. Beyond work, he is well-equipped with problem-solving abilities.