Tips for Setting up a Home Office During Coronavirus Shutdown


Working from home might seem like a breeze, but anyone that has done it can tell you that it comes with its own set of challenges. While you might have a dedicated workspace in a real office, setting one up at home is harder than it looks. You need to make sure it’s quiet, ergonomic, and attractive all on your own. While it’s not easy, it’s not exactly impossible, either. You just have to know where to start and how to create the ideal work atmosphere for yourself, which can inspire you to work. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Find a quiet place to work

Dedicated work requires peace and quiet. Very few people can work in a hectic and noisy environment, which is why it’s so essential for their workspace to be silent as can be. This rules out several different rooms in most homes.

For obvious reasons, you won’t want to work in the kitchen or the bathroom. Outdoor work can be tempting when you live in a house, but the sunlight, bugs, and neighbors can get in the way of productivity. This leaves common rooms, bedrooms, and studies. If you have a study, this would be the ideal location for a home office. But it’s not the only place you can try.

If you find that your bedroom reminds you too much of resting and relaxation, using a corner of the living room might be a good idea. Depending on the layout of your home, there might not be too much traffic there. If there is, the bedroom would be your best choice.

  • Get a good desk

Ergonomics are the key to any office, including one that’s located in your own home. When you have to work at a desk that isn’t the right height or one that’s too small to fit all the elements you need, it’s going to affect productivity. This is the case for many real offices, but it doesn’t have to be true for your own personal office. You can choose an ergonomic desk that fits your taste and goes well with your room’s design.

A good desk should allow you to sit comfortably without slouching, as this can affect your posture. If sitting down for hours and hours hurts your back, you might want to consider an adjustable desk that allows for a standing position. Alternating between sitting and standing has been shown to be very effective at mitigating the consequences of both settings.

  • Choose adequate flooring

Office designers put a lot of emphasis on flooring options. The floor affects the aesthetics and acoustics of a room, which is important for employee focus. Not to mention, the floor needs to be tough to endure lots of employees going through the office. The latter isn’t a point of interest for home offices, but the other factors still stand.

When designing your home office, you have to start from the ground up. Choose appropriate flooring by consulting a reliable flooring center that has different materials available. The great thing about making a home office in your home is that you can pick any material you please.

If your home office is in the bedroom, you might want a warmer and cozier kind of floor, instead of a rough one. Timber and vinyl are great options for this. Paint your walls to be a welcoming color that matches or compliments the flooring option you choose. It’s going to give your home office a colorful and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Add some greenery

Every indoor space needs a few natural elements to balance things out. It’s why we surround ourselves with plants, even when we have a backyard to enjoy. Plants help give a room a natural feel, and they have a direct impact on an individual’s productivity.

Setting up an ergonomic workstation and surrounding it with a few plants gives you everything an authentic office should have. What kind of plants you choose is up to you. Green, leafy plants evoke feelings of calmness and reduce anxiety. Other, more vibrant choices, can help improve the décor in your home office, making it feel cozier. Combining a bit of both might be just what your home office needs.


There are lots of elements that are required for a functional home office; including all of them is important if you want to have a solid work environment. Figure out what your current home office is lacking in most and start from there. You’ll have a perfect workstation ready in no time.

Mia Ackerson is a Melbourne-based freelancer who is interested in business, technology, interior design, home improvement, gardening, baking, and cooking! She's also a babysitter!