Tips For Administrative Skills Process In Your Business


Do you know what they are?

Running a business and thriving it in such a crowded market is a big challenge. This requires managers to be physically, emotionally and very knowledgeable. This is where the 4 administrative skills go into this recipe for success. There are more administrative skills were available online.

Do you know what we are talking about? In this post, you will learn more about these functions and understand how important they are to the healthy and lasting growth of a business. Keep reading and learn how to become a more efficient manager!

The importance of administrative functions

By looking at the structure of a contemporary company, it is easy to understand that business management is a complex activity. Maybe that’s why 1/3 of the deals close after 2 years of operation.

But what is the secret of the great brands in the market?

There is no magic formula to grow and stand out, but it is true that the adoption of efficient management methods aimed at better organizing the business makes all the difference.

To survive, the organization must be well managed and that requires a lot of strategies. In other words, the manager must act with professionalism and face his role with responsibility, betting on effective techniques and the appropriate tools.

The company management has never been as important as it is today. After all, the consumer has become more demanding, business relations are increasingly globalized and the market demands productivity and excellence.

administrative skills
administrative skills

In this scenario, the importance of administrative functions should be emphasized. They make it easier for the entrepreneur and his managers to make everyday business more productive, efficient and secure.

The four administrative skills process

For this to be possible, it is necessary to invest in the improvement of four basic functions, also known as


Planning is the basis of any business activity. It is through it that your business will define the goals to be achieved and the actions that will be required to achieve them.


The second administrative skills are the organization. There is no point in planning if the manager does not organize to carry out all the necessary tasks.

For this reason, you need to understand that organizing is about putting planning into practice. This means that the manager must have all processes under control and work for the company to grow at a steady and healthy pace.


The third role to be highlighted is that of direction or leadership. Understand that only the companies that have real leaders can excel in the market since most managers are only bosses.

In short, leading a team requires skills that go beyond pure authority. It is necessary to be an example and facilitate the work of others, ensuring that they remain motivated and develop professionally.


Finally, the last administrative function is that of control. As you know, it’s up to the manager to make decisions, whether small or strategic. It is these choices that dictate the fate of the company, but it is the control of processes and people that ensures the expected result.

Putting it better, the controlling function is associated with monitoring results and teams. It is vital that there is such monitoring, as the market is constantly evolving and a successful venture must adapt to trends and needs.

So, whenever the control is well performed, employees become more productive, the company moves in the right direction and offers its customers exactly what they need.

Achieving the balance between administrative skills functions and becoming a successful manager

Applying the four administrative skills

Applying the four administrative skills functions presented is the first step to conquering a thriving and profitable enterprise. In fact, a successful manager is someone who understands these processes well and can apply them accurately in their daily lives.

Remembering that these four aspects interact with each other and should be applied together. That is, during planning, it is essential to define the metrics that will be used for control, to appoint leading figures, and to ensure that their actions are performed in an organized manner.

It is true that running a business requires great dedication from managers and entrepreneurs, but it is possible to maintain a healthy balance between personal life and business management. This requires investing in time management.

By better organizing your agenda, you will be able to follow closely the progress of the essential processes, but that is not all. Some good practices can further contribute to achieving good results, such as:

  1. Try to learn delegate tasks;
  2. invest in professional training and qualification;
  3. enjoy the benefits of technological resources;
  4. stimulate creativity and pro-activity in your team;
  5. rest on the weekends.

Managing a business does not have to be an arduous task and you do not have to make mistakes to learn how to run a business. In fact, success is linked to your ability to become more efficient and act strategically. Therefore, be sure to perform and improve the administrative functions in your daily life. Although they are old concepts, they are still extremely current and important for the growth of a business.

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