Recover the Data of Corrupted Hard Disk Drive without using any Software


How are you? I am fine. Today, I will share with you a very important tip. If you face any problem, then nothing work on your mind. But, I get success after so much hardworking. That is recover the Data of Corrupted Hard Disk Drive without any Software. Let’s take a look about how is it possible?

How to recover data from a corrupted hard disk drive without using any software.

You may try it. If something happens that the hard disk of your computer will not work properly, having restart repeatedly, you think that giving windows it will work properly. But no.  The all drives of your hard disk drive has corrupted and damaged. You may attach it as a secondary in other computer and have watched that maximum 1/2 drives are accessed. You cannot access the rest of the drive. After clicking, the message comes in front of your eyes without formatting, it cannot be used. The same messages are showing in 1 or all drives. The condition still remains same after changing data cable and after changing everything. There is no way without formatting.


But, there are so many data on your drives. If you format it, then all the data will spoil. In this stage, we have to try that without formatting we have to recover the data from the drives of hard disk. In this case, no software will use in it.

Let’s take a look about how do I use it? First of all, you attach the secondary hard disk in your computer or in anyone’s computer. Now, open the command prompt i.e. CMD mood. Go to the Run and write CMD or you will get Run option by following this: Start Menu -> Accessibility -> Run. From there, write CMD. And Press “Enter” key. Open the Command Prompt. Run will also open by pressing Windows Logo. Now, do it by following the steps:

  1. Go to the “Run“.
  2. Write cmd.
  3. Press Enter key.


4. Write “CD” and press Enter key.


5. Write “CD…” and again press Enter key.


6. Write the command and press Enter button. Write the name of the drive in which drive the problem has occurred. If the problems are occurred in all drives, then you start it from C Drive.


Ok, your work has finished. You can open all the drives. You can access all files. You fully save from any error message and from the format. All procedures watch in this video clip.


I faced this type of problem. I do not get any solve in spite of being talking with some experts of IDB, Elephants Roads. Now, I have applied various software, but nothing happens. All software are finished by telling cannot access the drive. But, my data are very much necessary to recover it.

After 5 hours, I have got success and describe it.

Thank you.