Office Design Tips That Will Inspire Employees to Work


Are you a small company owner who’s at the beginning of their business adventure? Or you own a huge, globally-recognized company that has spread all across the world? Well, it doesn’t really matter how big your business is at the moment – as long as you’re taking proper care of your employees. After all, your profit and the overall performance of your company will depend on their respective performances, right? That’s the only truth you should live by, so make sure to never forget it. Here are eight amazing office design tips that’ll inspire your employees to work and boost their productivity. If that’s what you want right now, just keep on reading. We’re here to help you make it happen, so check out our tips and get down to work!

Opt for colors, but use them strategically

Colors are all around us, but did you know that they can trigger a wide range of emotions? That’s right, which is why colors are used strategically to impact people’s feelings, moods, and behaviors. So, if you believe in color psychology, try to incorporate some of its main elements into your corporate space. For example, red is said to increase circulation and therefore stimulate the body and mind. Orange, on the other hand, can boost energy levels, whereas green represents tranquillity and peace of mind.

Office Design
Office Design

Some studies have shown that certain colors are likely to have an impact on performance and productivity. Well, this is why you should add a splash of color to your business environment. However, be sure not to go overboard with these bright colors as your employees may find them too overwhelming. Too many bright colors displayed on bigger surfaces are not welcome in offices. Instead, add eye-catching details in any of the aforementioned colors and you won’t make a mistake. That’s a promise!

Come up with a newsroom

If the majority of your employees are working in teams, we must say that you should consider coming up with a newsroom. This is the best choice for companies where the job requires collaboration and needs to be done very fast. And what should a newsroom encompass? Well, it should definitely feature an open-space office with desk clusters and flexible seating. It means that room dividers and cubicle walls aren’t desirable in such an office setup. Also, the desks should be pushed together to make both larger and smaller clusters, depending on the teams’ needs. 

This type of space is beyond perfect for employees who often have group meetings but don’t always have time to book conference rooms due to a busy schedule. Even though they have numerous advantages, group tasks and projects are usually more time-consuming than individual ones. This is simply because each employee has their own schedule and routine, which is why you should do whatever you can to make it much easier for them. Designing a newsroom will make a huge difference for teams who need to get their job done very fast and on the go. If that’s what can stimulate productivity, go for it and you won’t regret it!

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Don’t forget to design a break room

In case you didn’t know, break rooms are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays, and the reasons for that are more than good. Firstly, they allow employees to unwind and take a break from their daily schedules – without having to leave the office. Also, these are a great way for people to escape from computer screens, restore their energy levels, and relax a little bit. Apart from that, break rooms can be used for informal meetings as well, which is another benefit that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

As for the must-have items in the break room, the first one undoubtedly is a coffee machine for all the coffee lovers out there. For example, Lavazza office coffee is a good choice as it offers a coffee machine hire for all kinds of businesses. A nice cup of coffee can boost your employees’ mood and increase their productivity, which is why this machine needs to have its place in the break room. Besides that, your employees will have to sit somewhere. Bean bags are a fantastic option as these are still very comfy yet so fun and casual. All kinds of games are desirable here, too, so ensure to add ping-pong tables, darts, video games, and similar ones to the break room. Your employees will absolutely adore it!

Use adaptable, multipurpose office furniture

When it comes to furniture appropriate for the business environment, we must say that multipurpose pieces are a good choice. First and foremost, the pieces your employees will sit on the need to be as comfortable as possible. This means that you should pick quality office chairs that won’t hurt their back after hours of sitting in front of a computer. However, back pain is sometimes unavoidable. This is why there should be other seating options your employees can use when they want to switch it up. For example, big armchairs and the aforementioned bean bags in the break room will certainly do the trick.
As for desks, we must say that standing desks are always a fantastic choice. As millions of people spend between 8 and 10 hours a day sitting, such a desk can be a lifesaver. This is simply because a sedentary lifestyle can negatively affect people’s health more than they can possibly imagine. So, if you want to keep your employees healthy and productive, standing desks are a huge must. These will help them get rid of back pain and stay active while at work. Besides that, these will also boost their energy levels and improve their posture, which are the benefits that mustn’t be neglected. As these desks are adaptable, everyone will be able to use them according to their current needs and preferences. Does it get better than that? We don’t think so! 


Encourage movement

As mentioned above, the sedentary lifestyle is very widespread these days. That’s because so many people are glued to their chairs, staring at their computers for 8+ hours every single day. Obviously, it can result in numerous issues – both physical and emotional. These include thinking blocks a lot of people deal with when sitting in one place for too long. If you’ve ever experienced it, you surely know what we’re talking about. So, if you want to inspire your employees to work effectively, you’ll have to encourage them to move around. 

You can accomplish this in several ways, and one of them includes mixing up seating arrangements from time to time. Yes, we know that some people find it hard to change their workplace, but you know what? It can spark new ideas and boost their productivity, which is why you should take it into consideration. Break rooms can be extremely helpful here, too, as well as non-traditional office spaces that inspire people to think creatively. And what does that mean? Well, it means that you can add several couches to the main work area in the first place. These will allow your employees to change up their routine a little bit and work anywhere they want. Just get creative yourself and your employees will follow!

Install community boards

Installing community boards is another incredible way to motivate your employees and inspire them to be more creative. So, if that’s one of your top priorities, you should make these a part of your office space. But what makes them great? Well, these are so beneficial simply because they allow the employees to leave important messages and let everyone know what’s going on in the office. Apart from that, this is a place where everyone can share office humor, as well as to display major accomplishments. Leaving photos and flyers is highly recommended, too, so make sure to encourage your employees to do so. 

There are several types of community boards, and one of them is a corkboard which requires pins. These will allow the messages and photos to be secured onto the board. Magnetic boards are quite popular nowadays, as well as regular foam-backed poster boards that can be spotted in many offices. If you want to take it to a whole new level, all you need is a can of chalkboard paint and a plain wall. Turning an office wall into a blackboard will improve communication and allow everyone to keep up with the latest info. Just don’t be afraid to give it a try and you’ll see what we were talking about!

Provide quiet zones for individual work

Even though a large number of offices are all about teamwork, such an environment definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. This is because many introverted people don’t feel comfortable surrounded by a bunch of people. However, you don’t have to worry because there are ways to suit everyone’s needs with success. Of course, the best one is providing a quiet zone for individual work, where these employees can feel comfortable enough. Before you get it done, make sure to conduct a survey to find out how many people would actually use it.

Once you figure that out, find a big enough room within your facility and transform it into a quiet zone. It should be similar to a regular office in terms of structure; however, there should be some important differences. Ideally, it should have noise levels between 48 and 52 decibels in the first place. Such a room sends a ‘don’t disturb’ message in a polite way so that no one bothers the employees who try to concentrate on work. It should also have a door so that the employees have enough privacy and quiet time while at the workplace. Just take this option into consideration and everyone will be beyond grateful for that!

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Incorporate plants and greenery in general

Did you know that potted plants are much more than just nice to look at? That’s right, as plants and greenery, in general, have so many marvelous benefits you simply have to bear in mind. Firstly, these can reduce your employees’ stress levels and relieve their anxiety. We can all agree that this is very important in today’s world when everyone has an extremely busy schedule. Also, potted plants can increase productivity and even clean the air, which is a more than fantastic advantage. Obviously, plants will make the workplace much more attractive and pleasant to the eye as well.

When it comes to the types of plants appropriate for the office desk, the first one is the snake plant. This one is amazing as it requires very little special attention. All you have to do is to water it once a week (on Fridays, before heading straight home), and that’s it! There is also the ZZ plant, which is a succulent that’s quite popular in the office environment. This is because this plant is tolerant of low light and has the ability to grow with little water. 

On the other hand, if there’s a lot of bright light in your office, you should better choose aloe. This plant simply adores bright light, so make sure to place it near a sunny window. Just make sure not to overwater it – once every couple of weeks will be more than fine. Last but not least, there’s a lucky bamboo which is also a popular office plant. Did you know that it can grow without soil? That’s right, so submerge its stems into the water and watch your lovely bamboo grow!

As you can see, there truly are so many remarkable office designs and ideas that’ll inspire your employees to work. However, these eight probably are the best ones out there, so be sure to stick to them no matter what. This is crucial if you want to boost your employees’ productivity and help them feel as comfortable as possible at their workplace. Each of the aforementioned tips is beyond useful, so bear them in mind and you won’t make a mistake. One thing is certain – success is guaranteed if you decide to follow our guidelines!