Most Popular Android Games of 2016


Video game? Everyone like to play video game. No one in this world, who does not like to play the game. Eight years to eighty years old, everyone like to play game. Everybody is involved in a game. Someone like to play football, someone cricket or carom board practically. But, someone like to play all these games on the computer or in the video game. Someone play game at the home on the computer or on his/her Smartphone at a time of rest. No matter, if there are no sheets on the bus or metro or in the streetcar, because it is the time for playing games on Smartphone. So, in a word, everybody loves to play games.

Most popular games for Android of 2016

games for android

Top 10 Games for Android

#1. Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances

People, who is excited about Galaxy and the Align Planets – this game only for those. This game also perfect for those, who love or believe in Sci-Fi and those people who are the fan of the movie “Star War”. There is no alternative of this game. [Google Play Link]

Galaxy on Fire

#2. Sniper 3D Assassin – Shoot to Kill

This is highly applicable for those, who is growing or teenagers. Don’t think about your age. You may also play the game. You’ve to shoot at the target like a skillful shooter or like an efficient gunman. You may also test your aim with this game. [Google Play Link]

Sniper 3D Assassin

#3. Real Racing 3 – Let’s start the race

Do you love speed? Let you maximize your speed with a high speed racing car. If you love racing game, then must keep this game on your Android Smartphone. The glamour of car racing has been improved by this Real Racing Android Game. [Google Play Link]

Real Racing 3

#4. Dots: A Game About Connecting

Test your IQ with this game. Every genius needs to play this game. You need too much concentration to play the game. Everyone can play this game. [Google Play Link]


#5. Bubble Mania – Challenging Puzzles

This game is very easy to play. You can make a lot of the score in a minute. You may also spend your boring time with this game. [Google Play Link]

Bubble Mania

#6. Clash of Clans – Historical Fight

This is a new and a popular game. Recently the popularity of this game has increased. This game has the touch of history and the fight of history. Raise your own army and lead your clan to victory! [Google Play Link]

Clash of Clans

#7. Plants VS Zombies – Play with Survival mode

This is a mythological game. A fight against tree and Zombies in the kingdom of jungle. This game has two parts. You may also play Plants vs Zombies 2. [Google Play Link]

Plants vs. Zombies FREE

#8. Subway Surfers – World Tour at New York

You will get the adventure for going on the way of the underground. This game has a few similarities with Temple Run. [Google Play Link]

Subway Surfers

#9 Temple Run – Fight with Ghost

This game has two versions. One is Temple Run and other is Temple Run 2. Developed by: Imangi Studios. Every sportsman needs to play this. If you are a runner, then must play this game. Run quickly, fight with ghost and collect the points. [Google Play Link: Temple Run 1 & Temple Run 2].

Temple Run 2

#10 Need for Speed™ No Limits

Just another racing game. This is an old game, developed by: ELECTRONIC ARTS  (EA). Many PC users have played this game. [Google Play Link]

Need for Speed

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