How to Block Ads on Android Phone or Tablet – Best AD Blocker App


Most of the websites serve ads to earn money. Some of your favorite websites also show ads, but some websites are eccentric about showing the ad. In this article we provide best ad blocker app for android.

best ad blocker app for android

All Android mobile phones (Smartphones) browsers display ads by default. Most of the websites show ads like banners ads and Google sponsored links or ads. Some websites serve malicious ads which threaten your device.

Do you know Some websites stole your data and, some websites insert the virus on your android mobile or smartphone or tablet?

Not only this, webpage load slow by the ads, it consumes up to 23 percent of your mobile battery. Ad blocker not only save your time and data, but it also saves your money.

Many Ad blocker apps are available in the google play store that, promises to block ads on Android smartphones and tablets. Many of them just claimed they do not block the ad but hey drain more battery of your mobile phone or tablet.

Which Ad blocker App best for Android Mobile or tablet

We added best and free android apps available on the google play store that block ads and protect your mobile. We include best ad blocker apps for you for which you will not have to pay.

Adblock Browser for Android

Adblock Browser for android is a free app that provides free browsing support by blocking all types of ads on your mobile or tablet. You can browse first, safe and ad-free with the help of the Adblock Browser. This app block ads automatically which will save the battery power of your phone or tablet, and you are also safe from malware. It blocks all types of banners and video ads that appear on the website. Websites don’t track your location – it also blocks cookies and malware.

Note: You can add websites to the white-list so that they can earn revenue from ads. It also saves the battery life of your mobile.

  • Download Adblock Browser For Android from the Google Play Store and install it on your mobile.
  • Now open the app and tap on One More Step option then tap on Finnish button.
  • After doing this check ad blocker work or not, open a website on your phone, now you will not get any ad and popup, and you will be able to browse comfortably.

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