Microsoft Access 2013/2016 | Bangla Tutorial | Full Course Step by Step (HD Video)


After a long time, I’m back with Microsoft Access 2013 Bangla Tutorial. It is no different with Access 2013 and 2016 version. If you learn MS Access in 2013 version, then the 2016 version also will be known to you. I’ve created this tutorial in the Bengali Language. There are total 15 lectures (parts) of this course. So, if you watch all the parts of Access 2013 tutorial. Then you will learn Microsoft Access 2013 or Microsoft Access 2016 completely.

First, I want to tell you About Access:

Microsoft Access is a database management program.  Discovered by E.F.Codd(1969-70). And the latest version is Microsoft Access 2016. But, I’ve used Microsoft Access 2013 version. Because it has no different between these versions.

Microsoft Access 2013 Full Course in Bengali

Microsoft Access 2013 Bangla Tutorial

Course Contents

  • Part 1: Introduction to Access, What is Access, What is New in Access 2013 / 2016 and Why do you learn?
  • Part 2: What is a table, how to create a table in Access 2013, table designing, table customization and insert rows and column.
  • Part 3: What is Primary Key, when primary key needed, how to apply primary key, strong primary key and weak primary key, how to remove primary key, default field name and data type.
  • Part 4: Wild Card characters in Microsoft Access, which are wild card characters, how to use wildcard characters in Access 2013, reserved characters, which are reserved characters and use of reserved characters.
  • Part 5: Validation rules in Access, how to apply validation rule
  • Part 6: Query Processing, what is a query, how many types of query, action query and non-action query and what is update query and how to do update query.
  • Part 7: Which is the default query of Access 2013, select query, how to do a select query?
  • Part 8: What is Append Query? How to do append query?
  • Part 9: What is make table query and how to do make table query?
  • Part 10: What is delete query, how to do delete query and when should you do the delete query?
  • Part 11: SQL Query, Structure Query Language and how to do the SQL query.
  • Part 12: What is relationship in Access, relationship with multiple table, one to one relationship, one to many relationship and many to many relationship.
  • Part 13: Some unnecessary but very important queries. Parameter Query, Crosstab Query and Report Designing.
  • Part 14: What is ‘Form’ in Access? The importance of Access ‘Form’. Form Designing and how to create a form.
  • Part 15: It is a very important part for doing practice. I’ve given you so many things in this part for doing practice. Download Questions for Practical.

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