Many People do 5 illegal acts, but the punishment?


Many people did illegal acts of knowing or not knowing. May be they don’t get punished or they don’t need to pay fine for all these. But it is obvious that, many people make this mistake. So there were such 5 searches.

Do you know many People do 5 illegal acts, but the punishment?


Do you know this?

  1. It is not illegal to see pornography in India. But sharing some pornography is illegal. Yet, many people do this in Whatsapp. How many person is caught?
  2. Do you know “happy birthday to you” song can’t play here and there? Warner Music Company has only those rights to play this song.
  3. If you make fake ID in Facebook then you may go to jail.
  4. Ignoring the law of copyright song, audio, video cannot be downloaded. But at the time of downloading how many people keep that in mind? Just not only that, there are also rules and regulations of sharing in social platform.
  5. It is a kind of offense to hear a song on high volume in the car. But in empty road many people do this according to their wish.

Thank you.