Sunny Leone fall in love with Aamir (Mr. Perfectionist)


Hey, Buddy, how are you? Hope you are doing great. Today I want to tell you a great news, this news is- Sunny Leone fall in love with amir. Do you know that? Now look at how much is it true………

Sunny Leone fall in love with Aamir (Mr. Perfectionist)

Sunny Leone and Aamir Khan

In a newspaper recent publish a news, and this news create a hot atmosphere. This news is hot because Bollywood most sexiest women sunny fall in love with Aamir. And this is the first time sunny fill  love for a Bollywood actor. In twitter sunny Leone says that Aamir looks beautiful in his upcoming movie Dangal. In this movie amir became fatter and his weight 95 kg, so Amirs amazing look force to think Sunny and also force to fall in love with Mr. Perfectionist. But now that time we are waiting for Aamir fillings, Aamir isn’t saying anything about his feelings. Aamir takes 2 days to give feedback. And after 2 days Aamir says that he also loves sunny and amir thanks to sunny in a tweet. At first sunny attracted to Aamir from Snapdeal add and then sunny look amirs new movie dongle trailer here Aamir is a fat man and his weight is 95 kg and this fat look and performance force something to think sunny and that’s why sunny fall in love with amir. So it is a great news for the audience and their fans.

So friends i dont know, how much is it true. If you know anything please leave a comment on this post.

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