List of world most dangerous earthquake (unsafe tremor)


An earthquake is one of the major Disaster in the world; it creates so many bad effects in the environment. So here we have prepared a list of top 10 earthquakes on the basis of their magnitude. These 10 earthquakes are known as the most dangerous earthquake in the world. But the recent earthquake in Nepal is too dangerous, its magnitude is 7.9 but this Nepal quake has created more than 65 aftershocks. In the history of the earthquake, these earthquakes break so many records. So this earthquake/Nepal quake also known as a dangerous and horrible.

List of world most dangerous earthquake

List of world most dangerous earthquake



1 Valdivia Earthquake, Southern Chile May 22nd, 1960 9.5 Mw



2 Great Alaskan Earthquake Mar 27th, 1964 9.2  Mw 500
3 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami Dec 26th, 2004 9.1 Mw 227,898  
4 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, Japan Mar 11th, 2011  9.0 Mw  15,890   
5 Kamchatka Earthquakes, Russia  Nov 4th, 1952 9.0 Mw 543
6  Offshore Maule, Chile 27 February 2010  8.8 Mw 825
7 Ecuador-Colombia Earthquake January 31, 1906 8.8 Mw 1,640
8 Rat Islands, Alaska 4 February, 1965  8.7 Mw 441
9 Northern Sumatra, Indonesia 28 March 2005  8.6 Mw  1300
10 Assam-Tibet 1950     8.6  Mw     780


These 10 earthquakes are the world largest disaster and its effect so high.

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