Download MP3 Songs of Bengali New Year 1425 (Pohela Boisakh Song)


Suvo Nababarsha 1425 (Bengali New Year 1425), grow up BANGALI in this Pohela Boisakh with Bangla romantic Songs of Bengali New Year 1425 (Suvo Nababarsha). Today I’m going to share Bengali MP3 songs of Pohela Boisakh (Bengali Happy New Year).

Songs of Bengali New Year 1425

Songs of Bengali New Year 1425


Mp3 Songs of Pohela Boisakh 

All these songs are audio songs (MP3). I have shared total 14 songs. I have uploaded all songs in one single zip file on Mediafire. If you want to download any single song, you can download it because I have also uploaded all these songs part by part on Mediafire. If you are a Bengali, if you love Bengal, if you love Bengali/Bangla then you will download it.

Download all songs in a single zip from this link (Size 58 MB)


Download one by on from the links below

Abar Melay

Ai Chelera Ai Meyera

Ailo Ailo Ailore Ronge Vora

Boishakhi Jor

Boishakhi Kono Raate

Boishakhi Melar Mathe

Boishakhi Shuvechcha Nao

Elo Boishakhi Jor

Esho Hey Boishakh Aisf

Melay Jaire

Pantho Kanai – Aaj Pohela Boishakh

Prothom o Boishakh

Shuvo Noboborsho

Sonia – Pohela Boishakh

Download! Listen! Enjoy!


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