Learn English in Bengali (Bangla) – PDF EBook and Audio / Video Tutorial (Link Updated)


A few months ago, I shared a Spoken English Course in the Bengali Language. But, today Learn English in Bangla. A huge collection of PDF EBook, Audio/Video Tutorial in Bengali Language. I’ve not created all these tutorials. These courses/tutorials are made by other persons. I collected all of them. Now, it is time for sharing.

Learn English in Bengali Language

learn english

There are many EBooks in the market for learning English. But, there is no book for the students of all levels to learn the English Language. Not only that, there is no perfect book for learning spoken English in Bengali Language. For these reasons, students can learn proper English. 99% of students wait for coaching centres. If there are some coaching centres, but there are not good trainers or excellent environment for learning English. Some students have money problems, for these reasons maximum students have deprived the opportunity to receive support.

Considering these aspects, I’m going to share the mega collection of “Spoken English/General English” PDF EBooks, Video Tutorials and Audio Tutorials.

English is an international language. Everybody should learn English. We should learn English. You should learn English. To learn English, you’ve to remember few things.

Tips and tricks for learning English

  1. First, English is not a language of our country. It is a foreign language. We say, “Queen of Languages!” So, you’ve to write, read and speak English in an ornamental way. You’ve to pay attention to the pronunciation.
  2. Second, you have to maximize the stock of words. So, start with the alphabet.
  3. You have to read, write and speak regularly in English.
  4. Efforts must continue. I think you know that, “Practice makes a man perfect”.
  5. You can translate the sentences from Bengali to English or English for learning at translate.google.com.
  6. You can check the grammatical error on www.reverse.net

I know, you are waiting for the download link. There are lots of files for downloading to learn English. Follow the links below to download.

Complete English Grammar PDF EBook for Job in Bengali (Part 1) 6.4 MB

Complete English Grammar PDF EBook for Job in Bengali (Part 2) 2.7 MB

Complete English Grammar PDF EBook for Job in Bengali (Part 3) 4.7 MB

English Grammar in Use (From Cambridge University Press) Third Edition by Raymond Murphy (English Version) PDF Download. 72 MB

Logical English Grammar Strategy (Bengali PDF EBook) – A complete book of English Grammar. 20MB

Correction of English Sentences (Bengali PDF EBook) 2MB

Learn English in a Month (Logic and Technique) – Bengali PDF EBook.

English Pronunciation (Ship or Sheep, 3rd Edition) PDF Tutorial

learning english

Most Important English Words (Part 1)

Most Important English Words (Part 2)

Most Important English Words (Part 3)

An offline version of www.EnglishSpeak.com (Bengali Edition) – Download, Unzip and open the “index” file to read it offline.

learning english


RapidX Spoken English Course in Bengali (Video Tutorial) Watch on YouTube


Download in MP3 Format

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