Father of Various Branches of Science


Hi dear! Today I will share an education related topic , father of various branches of science. Father means not dad, here father means founder or discover. If you our regular visitor then you know that 2 days ago a will share  an another education related topic First in World. So today also a have prepared a list of some important father names and their related fields. In this list many things you know but something you don’t know. I suggest you to look at this list and you can also download this list. I suggest you because on this list a question is must for competitive exam.

Father of Various Branches of Science

Father of Various Branches of Science..

This post is related to the G.k. (General Knowledge). Now recent days GK is more important for every examination. So friends, let’s have a look at this question- answer list and know the all information which you don’t know. List of question- answer was given below, which was more expected GK questions in the Upcoming competitive exam, like IBPS/SBI/PO/Clerk etc exam. Candidates those who are preparing for those exams can make use of it.


1.M. S Swaminathan – Father of Green Revolution in India
2. Dr. V. Kurien – Father of white Revolution
3. Norman Earnest Borlaug – Father of Green Revolution in the world
4. Aristotle – Father of Biology
5. Aristotle – Father of Zoology
6. Theophrastus – Father of Botany
7. Thomas addison – Father of Endocrinology
8. Linnaeus – Father of Modern Botany
9. Leeuwenhoek – Father of Bacteriology
10. Edward Jenner – Father of Immunology
11. Empedocles – Father of Evolutionary Ideas
12. G. J. Mendel – Father of Genetics
13. T. H. Morgan – Father of Modern Genetics
14. Louis Pasteur – Father of Microbiology
15. Robert Hooke – Father of Cytology
16. Micheli – Father of Mycology
17. Stephen Hales – Father of Plant Physiology
18. Birbal Sahani – Father of Indian Paleobotany
19. R. Mishra – Father of Indian Ecology
20. Francis Galton – Father of Eugenics
21. Hugo De Vries – Father of Mutation
22. William Harvey – Father of blood circulation
23. Karl Landsteiner – Father of blood Groups
24. Carolus Linnaeus – Father of Taxonomy
25. H. J. Muller – Father of Radiation Genetics
26. Hippocrates – Father of Medicine
27. Leonardo da Vinci – Father of Paleontology
28. Marcello Malpighi – Father of Microscopy
29. Paul Berg – Father of Genetic Engineering
30. O. P. Iyengar – Father of Indian Phycology-(study of algae)
31. Anderson – Father of Gene Therapy
32. Kolreuter – Father of Polygenic Inheritance
33. Erdtman – Father of Palynology.

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You can download and also read this list and prepared for your exam. Best of Luck………………

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