Is Torrent Legal? – Google May Ban Torrent Sites Soon


Friends, you are reading this article means that you are also using the internet. And you use the internet means you also know the name of the torrent. In my previous post, I told you that what do you do to download torrent files at the highest speed? But, today I’ll tell you that the torrent is valid or invalid? I mean, is torrent legal or illegal.

Is Torrent Legal or Illegal?

Is Torrent Legal
Is Torrent Legal?

There are so many messages about Torrent. So many people say that torrent is used for piracy and it is valid. Yes, torrent is used for piracy but the piracy is not only made by torrent. For sharing any files, you can use torrent. Moreover, the large software companies also take a help from torrent for updating the torrent. Though a question may arise into your mind that is torrent valid or invalid?

Come on guys, which you has been knowing since a long day just keep aside those things. Listen, torrent is completely a valid system. The science technology which does behind the torrent and for downloading anything from the torrent which we use bit torrent or uTorrent: these are not invalid. But, the huge users use torrent for which purpose is invalid. For example: to download pirated movie, software, songs from torrent. As the pirating is invalid, so the torrent processing which you use in this task is invalid.

Suppose, I have made a song or written a book. And the producer of the song and book is myself or if I copy this from another then I have done this by signing a contract. Now, I want to share this by using torrent. And I have done this. In this case, the original producer share this file, so the process is valid. But, most of the users use torrent for downloading songs, movies, software, serials, games etc. These are all copyright contents. And the guy who upload these files, he/she has also broken the copyright law and you download these i.e you are also the part of the pirating process. And as the pirating process is invalid, so the torrent process is also invalid. So, the torrent process is not an invalid, it depends on your using.

Friends, the pirating law is a very tough. Suppose, a song which is in your phone is pirated. You download that file from any website and definitely, you do not upload the file. But, if the copyright holder wants to case on you, then you are finished. Though you do not upload the file if the pirated file is on your phone so you are also the part of the pirating. And in this case, if you use torrent, then the whole process of the torrent is invalid or illegal.

Now Closing down the download from the Torrent Sites Permanently! The New Decision of Torrent

Now, the Google has taken a huge decision on Torrent. Torrent lovers forced to hand over his head.

Torrent is a very headache website. In the middle time, the rules and regulation were so fierce that the owner of the KickassTorrent was arrested. From the middle time of the previous year, so many efforts had done to eradicate the torrent from the world of Internet. But, there was no profit. The popularity of the torrent was so popular that the netizens do not care this rule and regulations. The sites of torrents which were banned, they use the proxy server and the torrent lovers is free downloading from there.

There has been debating for many years about the afloat of the internet piracy. Nobody obstructs the torrent and so everybody blames the search engines. Among them are Google, Bing and Yahoo. Hollywood has been appealing since many years that Google is evoking the piracy. Though Google always said that “anti-piracy” is their main principle. But, a discussion took place recently and was chaired by UK’s Intellectual Property Office”. Companies like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Hollywood representatives joined the meeting. And in that meeting, Google is soon going to ban torrent sites.

It means that if you write the word “Torrent” on the google search option, then you would get nothing. Google also commented that it is not an easy task to omit the torrent from the search engine. In this case, there is an effect falling on the search engine. So, this work is estimated to be very compactly. For this, they have to take a help from another search engines. Actually, all the search engines will do this work jointly.

Google has done this for keeping their anti-piracy reputation. But, for the netizen torrent, anybody can download the cinema, book, audio-video songs, researches etc. What will happen to them?

Conclusion: Friends, hopefully, you will be able to understand the all the activities behind the torrent. And you have known that torrent is valid or not. I just want to talk with you that you just stay away from pirated content. In this case, in so many time your system may be attacked by the virus. However, you must share this post if you like it. And make your valuable comments.

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