Is Internet Speed meter not working correctly? Take a unique speed meter for free


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Use internet, but you have not seen how much download speed of the internet, what type of matter is this?

Test your Internet Speed with the Internet Speed Meter for free.

Internet Speed Metter

So thinking about your benefits, I brought an extraordinary apps of measuring Internet speed.

This is latest premium version, so you will get more features.

App name: Network speed monitor pro.

Size: 2mb.

Which is also able to: Live Network Traffic Meter (Speed / Data Rate); Custom Prefix (U: / D: etc.); Custom Readings Location; Custom Color, Width, Height, Font, Font size, Transparency value; Show on Status Bar; Adjustable Decimal Places (Please turn it off if you have flickering problem); Adjustable Kilo Value; Hide /s Suffix (per second); Hide Readings (No Traffic); Hide when Specific Apps are Running; Hide when Day Dreaming (screen saver – 4.2+); Beta Test: Traffic Breakdown Mode (traffic by each app);  Beta Test: Interface Breakdown Mode (traffic by each network interface); Normalize VPN / local proxy / ad blocking loopback traffic.

Then not getting late, download now.

For downloading this, please omit the tick sign and then click on the download button.


Download link: CLICK HERE.

N.B: First click on Slow Download for downloading. Then setting skate code, if you download then you will get a link in which you click, download will be started.

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