Is a Cover Letter Still Necessary for a Job Application in 2021?


In the decision-making process for your job, a cover letter plays an important part. A cover letter is a valuable addition when you send your resume for a vacant position. Those candidates who prefer to attach a cover letter are more likely to get a phone call for the interview. Almost 72% of recruiters are expecting a cover letter. Some job postings say they don’t need a cover letter, but if you attach one, that becomes your positive point. In rare cases, when there is a requirement for the cover letter, and you fail to attach one, there are more chances that your application will not be further process by the recruiter. A cover letter is necessary and sometimes mandatory for you when you search and apply for a job. A few points can make you clear why a cover letter is necessary for a job application in 2021. 

Cover Letter
Cover Letter

Importance of Cover Letter

For job applications and HR, a cover letter plays an important role. It is important to attach a cover letter with your resume. A cover letter fulfills multiple proposals, such as it explains your employment gaps. The cover letter also describes your career objectives and tells the company how passionate you are to join them. Cover letter writing services provided by Digital Agencies in the United States of America. The cover letter also highlights your life-long achievements. If you are still planning to attach a cover letter, it is the right time to draft one in a professional tone. 

Unique Introduction

Your motive to write a cover letter is to target the hiring managers’ attention. With a unique introduction, you can grab his attention, or he will take no interest in your resume and cover letter. Focus on what sort of introduction you are drafting. What tone of writing you are adapting. Is your writing style and tone professional? With your cover letter, you are communicating with the organization. The unique introduction is sure to do the trick. In 2021, people mostly prefer to attach a cover letter with their resume. Yes, cover letters are necessary and important for job applications in 2021. 

Writing Cover Letter
Writing Cover Letter

Do Proper Research

Before writing a cover letter, you must be aware of what tone of the writing style you have to adapt. Keeping in mind the organization you apply to, their core values, and even the industry. Do proper research before drafting a cover letter. If the company is renowned, then you must emphasize attaching a cover letter. You can take resume writing help and cover letter writing tips with the experienced candidate. 

Building Strong Relationship with Employer

A cover letter builds a strong relationship between you and the employer. A resume only explains your skills, whereas cover letters represent your personality and the way you think. You are adding value to your resume. One must be clear in his career goals. Remember, only a resume is not enough to apply for a job. Always mention your accomplishments and successes. Suppose you get a call for an interview without attaching a cover letter, the hiring manager still needs a cover letter to review. This is not mandatory, it’s optional, but sometimes you need to focus on minute ethics when applying for a job. 

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Add all the Crucial Information

Adding every basic information is a need of a cover letter. Make sure your cover letter is well-structured. Must add your full name with the correct spelling. Add your email count and mobile number that is available every time. The day you draft the cover letter, mention that date in it. Make sure your introduction is summarized and short. In the end, all you have to do is to conclude with your achievements and success. At least it should cover a single page, not more than that.

Building Strong Trust

A cover letter builds strong trust between you and the hiring manager. The cover letter tells more about you in summarized form. You can add the specific reason why you want to apply for a job. The hiring manager gets to know you better after reading your drafted cover letter. Cover letter in 2021 has become a need. Jobs are difficult to find, in this crucial time, a cover letter can help you get a job. 

CV and Cover Letter
CV and Cover Letter

Taking Everything Into Account

An attractive cover letter can make ways for you to get a job. All you need is a white paper to sketch your skills and success. You can write in a paragraph and even you can add bullet points into the cover letter. In the first paragraph, add to core values about the company, so that the hiring manager gets to know your interest in the organization. Your cover letter can force a hiring manager to further consider your resume. Just for the safe side, you can ask your family member to proofread the resume, and especially the cover letter. Your resume and cover letter must be error-free.

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