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A report from the Industrial Strategy Council estimates that by the year 2030, more than 20% of people looking for jobs will be under-qualified for their roles. This will lead to about 7 million people struggling in their current jobs or finding new ones.

The study also notes that the under-qualification will arise primarily in technological and digital skills, STEM roles, and managerial positions.

Once you leave the safe cocoon of academic life, you’ll find that there’s no easy assignment help service shortcut that you can depend on. Recruiters will judge you based on your skills and potential to bring more success to the company.

Therefore, you’ll benefit the most if you start equipping yourself with these ten necessary skills that can give you a headstart in the job-searching field.

  1. Coding

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Students have a common misconception that programmers are the only ones who need to learn to code. You’ll be surprised to know that this skill can come in handy for many jobs. It has become such a handy skill that many recruiters consider it a critical skill that any candidate should have.

You can use your coding skills as a

  • Technical writer
  • UX designer
  • Instructional designer
  • Content marketer
  • Product manager

Knowing how to code can undoubtedly set you apart if you’re looking for a technical job. But it can also be a skill that you can hone and apply in other spheres as well.

  1. Machine learning/Artificial intelligence

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With the advancement of technology, there’s no surprise that artificial intelligence already takes up a significant portion of human life. Companies are taking new leaps into the digital era, using software like hyper-automation to make tasks run smoother.

More than 70% of the world’s organizations have ventured into using artificial intelligence due to the various advantages it presents, such as-

  • Improvement in operational efficiency
  • Improvement in product quality
  • Reduction in product development costs
  • Improved business management efficiency due to the availability of data

Learning artificial intelligence skills will take time. But once you become an expert in it, recruiters will welcome you with open arms.

  1. Programming

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Programming skills are not confined to developers any longer. All IT personnel need to understand this skill to provide better customer support and assist in smooth operations.

Programming skills can be helpful if you’re looking for a job as a-

  • Programmer
  • Web-developer
  • Accountant
  • Copywriter

This skill requires much critical thinking ability. It can help you train your mind and develop additional memory, thinking, and logic skills.

  1. Project Management

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Companies are always on the lookout for expert project managers who will handle coordinating resources, people, and multitasking to deliver projects on time.

A project manager is in charge of leading a project. This involves being at the helm of the entire project through all its stages of planning, executing, monitoring and closing. It is a role of enormous responsibility.

Therefore, even if you cannot possibly land a project manager role as soon as you graduate, there is a high chance that any project management skill in your resume will speak in your favour.

  1. Big data analysis

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With the increase in market competition, businesses have to depend on data analysis to stay ahead of competitors.

Carefully evaluating and interpreting the market data can help businesses determine which steps they need to take. Proper data analysis can help companies achieve immense profit in sales and generate more revenue.

Hence, data analysis becomes a crucial skill that employers look for in candidates.

  1. Cloud computing

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Cloud computing enables companies to store and manage their data safely. It also allows other company branches to access the primary data through the cloud.

Your cloud computing skill can make you a valuable asset to the company. Vital information is stored electronically and uploaded to the cloud every day. Your abilities can come in handy to ensure that the company is managing the data storage and remote access properly.

  1. UX design

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When customers want to find out more information about a company or its products, the first place they’ll visit is the official website. A good and easy-to-navigate website design will immediately attract customers and make them stay longer on the page.

However, a bad user experience (UX) design will lead to higher bounce rates. This directly translated into a loss for the company. Therefore, several businesses have started putting more focus on their websites and improving their UX design.

There are several short courses you can take to hone your UX design skills. Companies will place a lot of emphasis on this skill as the competition becomes fiercer.

  1. Information security

As the world moves towards a complete digital transformation, information security has become a significant concern. Any data breach and loss of customer personal data will lead to irreparable losses for a company. This includes loss of customers, their trust and severe reputation damage.

Information security
Information security

Learning information security skills will help you prevent third-party attacks, pinpoint any vulnerabilities in the system, identify loopholes and strengthen the overall security.

  1. Critical thinking ability

Emergencies can arise in any job, and you need to have the skills to figure out a solution. Companies always have a test to gauge your critical thinking abilities. This tells them whether you can remain calm in any situation and work towards a solution instead of panicking.

Critical thinking ability
Critical thinking ability

You cannot develop critical thinking abilities in a week. It takes months and years to hone this skill. Some exercises that you can work on to improve this skill are-

  • Work on solving brain teasers
  • Try to find unconventional solutions
  • Think outside the box when solving a problem
  • Understand the different perspectives of the people around you

These tasks will force you to move away from the conventional way of thinking and into more creative and unique problem-solving methods.

  1. Leadership skills

A good leader isn’t someone who everyone fears. It is someone who earns everyone’s respect and showcases their abilities through their exceptional work.

Leadership skills
Leadership skills

Possessing strong leadership skills qualifies you to take on the position of a team leader. You should know how to motivate your team to enable them to give their best performance.

Companies always prefer to hire candidates who possess these skills and show the potential to rise swiftly. You can take short crash courses on developing leadership skills if you wish to land a secure job.

Summing up

Having excellent grades will not be able to secure a job straight out of college. Companies always give more importance to the skills that you can bring to the table. So, it’s always better to start developing these abilities early. Having any of these ten crucial skills in your resume will give you the edge when you have to start looking for a job.

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