Download Quran in Multilanguage – It’s more than a paper of the Quran


During this Ramadan month, I’m going to share a mega gift to you. The gift is “Quran in Multilanguage“. I’ve come with 2 pieces of flash formatted Quran. You can read it like an original Quran. You can reverse the page like an original book. Pronunciation and translation also are included in this version.

Quran in Multilanguage with translation


The actual name of this application is “Quranflash“. It is a digital Quran, better than Quran book which are made with paper. Too many awesome features added in this digital version. Varieties type of sound effects, variety type of animations and designs  are included in this digital version. Read it now.

Download offline version of Quranflash


Quranflash Warsh – Read it and Enjoy

Experience the new Quranflash Warsh application. If you read the Quran with Quranflash Warsh application, you will enjoy it. But this format is only in the Arabic language. Read it online now.

quranflash warsh

Download the offline version of Quranflash Warsh

Thank you.

Biswajit Das
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