In which places you are still secure after the World destruction


Web Desk: Prophecy hears sometimes, that the world will be destroyed! If it is like that, then tell me what will happen? This beautiful life will loss in senseless condition. It can be happened like that? There are given such 13 places in this report, you will be safe totally even world destroys. So don’t get late. The world is going to be destroyed, if you hear this type of news then go out by taking packed box to an another place.

Do you know in which places you are still secure after the World destruction?


#1. Island:

The best crowd less country of Europe. There is the best chance of fish cultivation. As a result, you don’t have to stay hungry.

#2. Guam:

It is a ruled island of the United States in Pacific Ocean. There is so much troop of soldiers if third war happens then no need to worry anyone in this small island.

#3. Denver:

It is the city which is surrounded by high mountains from the plain. There are oil resources in underground.

#4. Ponca Jiao:

It is the place of the gold mine of the world. Undoubtedly it will be the most likable place at the time of danger.

#5. Burn:

Over the past few centuries, Switzerland doesn’t involve of any trouble of the world. So if third war happens in this city, although you can be safe.

#6. Terra Del Fugo:

Any leading power of the world will not dare to attack in this region of South America.

#7. Kansas City:

This city is surrounded by massive cultivable land. There is also a railroad hub. As a result, there will be no problem with contact management.

#8. Tristan Da Chunghwa:

This is the world’s most uninhabited area. But there are plentiful stocks of fish. So there is also a good chance of fish cultivation.

#9. Antarctica:

It is the best place for self-hiding. Enemies will not find your address.

#10. Cape Town:

This is the most developed city of South Africa. But for an unknown reason, there is no such western influence in this city. As a result, if third war happens yet this city is secure. Any power will not forward their hand easily.

#11. Lewis Island:

It is the way of 3 hours from the mainland. There is also chance of surviving. But in the last 900 years, the British also doesn’t go there.

#12. UConn:

The most outlying region of Western Canada. There are massive treasures, oh forest and mineral resources. As a result, any problem will not happen to survive.

#13. Neckar Island:

Richard Branson of dancub is the resident of this Island. Going to him, if you request to him, then you can get shelter.

Thank you.

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