How you will send large files by E-mail?


You saw at the time of sending so much picture of your son to his father who stays in foreign and E-mail account has gone against. It has said, so the file can’t be sent together; because in e-mail place has become more than a prescribed place for attachment. What is the way to send pictures one after another for a long time with frustrations? Usually in famous e-mail service in per E-mail attachments can’t be added more than 5 MB like Gmail, Yahoo or outlook. Ok static picture could send but now how to send video with high resolution camera in present time? It is not possible with 25 MB. There are 2 ways of sending large files.

Do you know how you will send large files by using E-mail?


#1. Preserve that file in online:

Some of e-mail service provider gives chance to send large files. Like Google drive service for Gmail and using the drop box for a Yahoo mail large file can be attached. If this file is more than 25 MB then through the message, it will say, to attach this you have to take the help of cloud storage.

#2. File Transfer Site:

There are chances to add big files directly in Yahoo or Gmail, but many E-mail service providers have no chance to accept online storage service directly. In that case, you can accept transfer service. Which happens in this case, keeping a file in online, you have to give that address or link to receiver. The receiver will download that file from that website.

There are such services, among them Drop send (, My air bridge ( and File Mail ( are mentionable.

Thank you.