How you will earn from CPA marketing?


Today I will discuss with CPA marketing with you which is the best medium of income in online. There are many techniques more than 100 to earn in online. Among this the best medium is CPA marketing. Let’s start discussing.

Do you know how you will earn from CPA Marketing?


#1. What is CPA marketing?

The full meaning of CPA is Cost Per Action. Suppose in Bengali in easy way offer was given to you that for download offer, one software has to be downloaded. And 3 dollars will be given per download. Now if you can download it, then you will get 3 dollars per download. This is an action.

#2. What type of income is possible from CPA marketing?

It will be based on your work. But, it is possible to earn up to a thousand dollars in a month, if you work by following rules regularly. If you don’t work by following rules, then it is not possible to earn 1 dollar. Only I signed up 3 persons by giving offer of sign up, among them I have earned 8.50 dollars. This is a sample of that.


In this way, if you work with an offer of 3 dollars and if you bring 20 actions on that day, then you will earn 30 dollars.

#3. What offer can be found in CPA?

There are several offers in CPA:

Pay per download: This type of offer is software download, game download etc.

Pay per sale: This type of offer is a type of sale like health, insurance etc.

In spite of this, there are several offers, Like: Financial, Casual Dating, Health and Beauty, Gaming, PIN Submit, Survey, Mobile App, Travel, E-Commerce etc.

#4. Where you will get CPA offers?


There are almost above 500 CPA marketplace in the world. The best networks in the world are Maxbounty, Peerfly, Neverblue, affiliaxe, A4D, Clickbooth, Clickdealer etc. It’s action rate is much more and it is difficult to get an account. So I will say it is not better to work in that type of network for new. They don’t work with normal marketer. So being expert if you apply in this then it is approved easily.

Some of the best networks for new are CPAfull, G4offer, Adworkmedia, Cpagrip, Adscendmedia etc. I will show in the next post how it is applied in CPA network.

Some mobile CPA networks are

YeahMobi, ClicksMob, Matmony, ClickDealer, Avazu, Private, Exchange (APX), GoWide.

In spite of this, by seeing Reviews of CPA network from, you can select a CPA network.

#5. In which way you will select offer easily and analysis them?

Offers are selected and analysed in several ways. You can select offer from network directly. Without this, you can take help of AffplusOffervault, oDigger.  CPA offers can be found in the details in this.

#6. How you will promote offers?

Offers can be promoted in several ways like Paid method, Free method, Email marketing etc. The most profitable method is paid method. But it is better to work in free method as new.

Paid method: It is possible to get well success from Facebook paid ads, 7search being, Bing Adwords, Google Adwords.

Free method: Article marketing, YouTube video marketing, Blog tumenting, and Social media marketing like: Facebook, Twitter pinterest etc.

E-mail marketing: Email marketing is one of the best traffic sources of CPA marketing. It will be the best when you will connect email from Craigslist. Craigslist earn 200-500 dollars per day from CPA marketing through only email marketing which I have seen.

#7. How you will withdraw payment?

You will withdraw payment in several ways. Like: through Papal, Pioneer, Bank transfer etc. At present there is no papal in Bangladesh but you can withdraw money through pioneer or bank transfer. There is also benefit of check in some CPA network. Generally, you will withdraw 50- 100 dollars. But there are different rules in different networks

Today is no more. In the next post I will show how the account can be applied. Take care.Thank you.

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