Outsourcing SEO Projects – Pros and Cons


We must know the advantages and disadvantages of Outsourcing SEO Projects. Many businesses worldwide now acknowledge the importance of SEO on their growth. Search engine optimization serves as the backbone of many enterprise’s digital marketing campaigns since it allows them to stay relevant in the industry.

Most consumers now rely on online searches to get what they need, and a company website is only visible thanks to digital marketing. SEO is by far more effective than PPC or pay per click marketing, so there’s no doubt that companies will rely on this tool to improve their online presence. After realizing the importance of SEO, businesses must then figure out if they’ll hire in-house staff for the project or outsource it.

Outsourcing SEO Projects has various advantages that can entice businesses to outsource instead of doing SEO themselves.

Outsourcing a company’s SEO needs can save a considerable amount of time since the outsourcing partner can start the project right away. The business doesn’t need to hire and train new people for the campaign, develop strategies, and invest in having a functioning in-house SEO staff. The company can continue with its work with little disruption.

As long as companies choose to outsource SEO to reliable agencies, they won’t have to worry about having to dump additional workloads to their staff. Outsourcing SEO to reputable partners effectively reduces the need for a company to multitask and handle the project themselves, allowing the team to focus on its core processes.

Search engine optimization agencies have the expertise to handle SEO campaigns since there are many factors to consider to rank a website successfully. SEO professionals can establish a strong network for link building while also having high-quality content to use for the campaign. Experienced SEO teams can also provide results compared to those who don’t specialize in the craft.

Outsourcing is also more cost-effective than hiring an in-house SEO specialist since the overall costs of one full-time specialist can amount to around $73,000 each year. The costs only increase since a firm needs about three specialists to have a functional team. Outsourcing is by far cheaper than hiring in-house professionals, so it makes sense to outsource, especially in the case of smaller businesses. SEO services in the Philippines are more affordable compared to other countries, making the country a top destination to outsource projects to.

Besides not needing to hire at least three professional in-house SEO personnel, outsourcing to an agency also allows businesses to have the services of a team of professionals from the outsourcing partner. Among the team members are digital marketers, content creators, web designers, and other specialists that have experience working together.

Outsourcing also has some disadvantages, especially since it’s still an expense. Companies must still invest some money in SEO to have a successful digital marketing campaign. Only professionals can provide high-quality content and execute the campaign excellently, so investing in it is necessary.

By outsourcing SEO, businesses give the agency leeway on how to run the marketing campaign without direct intervention from the company. The firm itself is hands-off from the execution of the digital marketing campaign.

SEO agencies are in demand since many firms worldwide have already understood their importance to have successful digital marketing campaigns, which means that they’re working with a lot of clients. Trusting in an SEO agency means that the attention you’ll receive is divided as they’re also helping other companies with their marketing campaigns.

The outsourced campaign may also not be comprehensive since the agency will only work on specific action items and deliverables on a set schedule.

Outsourcing SEO has several cons, but firms might find that the pros far outweigh the cons since the outcome is a better online presence. Businesses need only to find the right SEO partner for the job. See this infographic by Digital Marketing Philippines to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing SEO.

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