How to write a Successful CV


The first step of representing the job seekers is an amazing CV.

A company will impress on you after watching your wonderful CV.  Have words: First Impression is the best impression.”  So, need your CV is beautiful, modern, and useful.   


Today, I will give you 15 different types of designs of CV’s links through which you can make  the most beautiful, wonderful CV.


Screenshot - 16-Nov-15 , 3_16_41 PM

Download link: CV FORMAT

Before making your Curriculum Vitae (CV), you have to look some real things-

  1. A service man does not spend his time more than 30 seconds. So, it has to be compressed. Information will be presented in clear. To avoid unnecessary or less important information.
  2. An inexperienced or newly passed job seekers’ CV should not in any way be more than one or two pages.
  3. Your CV is your own marketing medium.  So, it will be interesting.  However, flashy things such as colorful paper or colorful ink does not use. To highlight, you can use Bold, Italic, or underline.
  4. Remember, if you have any spelling errors in your CV or linguistic / grammatical mistakes, then the teacher will have a negative impression about you. The perfect way to express it is that you are not able to do anything. So after making a CV, you have to read and correct by an English teacher.

We hope this will be very useful for everyone.

Thanking You, Guys!!!