11 New features of Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)


Use 11 Hidden Features of Marshmallow in Android 6.0. So many users use android Operating System. There are so many new features on Android’s 6.0 Marshmallow. The users do not know about the hidden features of this new edition. Don’t forget to check “List of  Versions of Android“.

11 Awesome Features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Marshmallow in Android 6.0

It has shown 11 hidden features which make your smartphone very easy.

#1. Tap Google Now

There are so many hidden features on android Marshmallow. During the use of any app you can get the option of using Google Search on a single TAB. For example: during the checking of emails if you hold the home button, then you can bring the Google Search bar.

#2. Ok Google is always on Google Home Screen

The search option will always be on the home screen in the Marshmallows android. That is, the search option will active after speaking Ok Google. If you order the Ok Google to active the Facebook apps or for listening songs or for watching videos, then those will start.

#3. File Explorer

There is a built-in software which is available in this operating system named File Explorer. From here, you can do any basic works such as copy, move, paste etc. There is a search button in this file explorer by which you can search any pictures, song or file.

#4. Lock Screen Message

You can see the notification in this operating system through the display of your phone is locked.

#5. Quick Settings and Status Bar

To change the settings of your phone there is an option of quick settings and status bar. You can hide any information in the operating system.

#7. Battery Percentage in Status Bar

You can see the percentage of battery by swiping the status bar by using your fingers. If you swipe it, then you can get the battery percentage from quick settings.

#8. Smart Volume Control

For controlling volume, if you press volume button you can control the volume system in music, alarming volume and speaker volume. After coming status bar if you touch on down arrow, then the volume control options will display. There is a complaint against the volume controller in the Android’s lollipop version.

#9. Manage App Permission

There are so many apps in Android. For controlling these apps, the phone location, camera, and microphone are required. By using “Manage App Permission”, you can which option you can operate and which not. To set the settings you have to set the permission option by entering into the apps name from the settings option.

#10. Voice Search from Lock Screen

There is an advantage of Google search on the lock screen of the Marshmallow. If you swap on the lock screen then the microphone icon will display and from this icon you use google search.

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