7 Lifestyle Tweaks That Will Dramatically Improve Couples Wellbeing


You probably know at least one person who completely gave up on their healthy and fit lifestyle upon starting a marital life. If you’re about to enter a new relationship or live together, you might be wondering whether you’ll become that couple. Being healthy and strong has never been more important than during a pandemic because we need a strong immune system to keep us safe and fend off diseases. Luckily for you and your partner, we will outline the number of lifestyle tweaks that will improve your wellbeing and health as a couple.

Start by talking about your lifestyle

couple talking over breakfast

Now that you realized that a coupled life has made you lazy, inactive, and probably bored by your unhealthy routine, it’s time to talk about it. Sit down with your partner and discuss your concerns over the lifestyle both of you lead. Talk about how your current habits are making you feel so your partner can put himself or herself in your shoes. Try telling them as gently as you can that yu want to improve your wellbeing together as a couple to get them on board. 

Face the truth

Or, shall we say – face the scale together? It’s time you finally acknowledge the fact that both of you put on some weight. Take out your scale and a measuring tape. Weigh yourself first and note down your measurements. Measure your chest, waist, hips, thighs, and arms so that you can track weight loss properly. It’s not about the number on your scale, you should track other changes as well. 

Diet together

couple preparing vegetables for a meal

When we say diet together, we want to emphasize the importance of eating healthy together as a couple. It doesn’t mean go starve together, just change your old habits. Start by going grocery shopping together. This way you’ll easily agree with what each one of you wants to eat, so you won’t buy something one of you dislikes. Next, meal prep together so you’ll easier stick to your diet plan. Enrich your diet with the right nutrients so you won’t starve. Also, make sure you do this with the long term goal in mind so you won’t scratch and burn. Once you adopt healthy eating habits, lose some inches, and get stronger, there will be room for a treat.

Remove snacks from your house completely

This is not a sign for you to go on a binge and eat it all in one sitting. Absolutely not! If you have a cabinet filled with snacks, it’s best if you call a few friends over for a game night or a movie night. Your friends will probably eat it all, so you’ll solve this problem. Once you get rid of any temptation that might ruin your diet plan and fitness goal, you are one step closer to your goal.

Turn exercise into a competition

couple stretching together and warming up before an exercise

Start by finding a workout regime both of you will enjoy. The intensity of the workout doesn’t have to be the same for both of you because you’re probably not at the same level of fitness. But you can do the exact workout but with different weights. You can equip your home with some basic exercise equipment like dumbbells, squat rack, resistance bands, mats, and other essentials you might need. Turn it into a competition by measuring who will finish the first set first or who can do as many reps until failure. Healthy competition can serve as a motivation for both of you. 

Embrace active lifestyle

couple riding bikes together as a part of their active lifestyle

Try to spend as much of your time together doing something active. It’s about tweaking your lifestyle so you’ll make changes that stick. Instead of binging on Netflix all the time, try walking around the block or taking a hike in nature. Walking is a great way to add more steps into your day, spend time outside, and they count as exercise as well. You can use walks as a complementary activity to your regular exercise routine. During the weekends you can embrace active recovery by hiking on a nearby trail. This will also strengthen your bond as a couple because you will bring novelty into your routines.

Appreciate your joint efforts

Celebrate each small win together. Appreciate your joint efforts because changing a habit is easier when you have someone who supports you. Also, when it comes to changing habits adopted as a couple, you won’t have the same amount of motivation all the time. Being understanding and appreciative will help the other person overcome mental obstacles that hold him or her back.

The journey to better couple’s wellness starts by acknowledging the issue and committing to the goal. When you make a plan and stick to it together, the results will come faster and the changes will be easier. You will both feel energized and content with your better lifestyle and the achieved results.