How to Personalize Your eCommerce Business


Personalization is a vital element in the process of building relationships with your buyers. But, don’t get confused, personalization of your eCommerce business means a lot more than just greeting potential customers when they reach your website. There are a lot more different aspects of personalization that we are going to explain in this article.

Why is eCommerce personalization so crucial?

There are numerous benefits that a personalized shopping experience provides. Analysis of shopping history, personal preferences of your customers, and demographics are vital elements of eCommerce personalization. First of all, importing these elements leads to maximizing conversions, which is one of the most critical aspects of every business. Also, useful product recommendations will increase your average order value (AOV). And finally, customer confidence in your products will grow a lot, and they will start looking at your brand as a trustworthy source.

What are the main types of eCommerce personalization?

There are a few main methods of eCommerce personalization that you can implement. Promoting and recommending your best selling products is the most obvious choice. Cross-selling by using similar products is also one of the most common tactics. When it comes to website personalization, customizing the user experience with pop-up messages and menus is trendy nowadays. On top of that, you should add reviews and testimonials since people love to know the experience that other buyers had with your brand and products. And finally, don’t forget to use one of the oldest tricks – send emails to your customers to promote new products and share promotions.

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The importance of choosing the right domain for your eCommerce business

Choosing the appropriate domain name is crucial for building an excellent online personal brand. Before the Internet era, people were sharing business cards as part of their brands. Nowadays, the situation is a bit different – the first impression of your brand (and even yourself) is happening online. In today’s world, your domain is the first line of your brand’s recognition. Or, in other words – it is your name. Domain .me provides multiple variations and combinations that are very helpful in building a personal website that can set your brand apart. Besides it, there is .com, which is the most recognized domain worldwide, as well as local domains that could be the best (depending on the type of your business).

Segment your email list and personalize your emails

Sending the same email to all your customers and subscribers is never the right approach. It will appeal only to a small percentage of your audience. Instead, you should segment your email list based on age, region, etc., and create various emails for each group. When each email is well-targeted, chances to

convert more people within each group will be much higher. On top of that, you can even use the email software that inserts the first name of every customer within the email body. Every customer loves to see such a personalized approach, mostly because it shows your wish to nurture individual relationships with each customer.

Provide different types of content

Sharing all the essential details, information, and product photos about every product you have in your offer is mandatory for eCommerce success. However, sometimes, there are too many details that can’t fit one page on your website. In such situations, it is essential to create a lot of blog posts, case studies, tutorials, instructions, e-books, and other similar types of content where you can share every piece of information that couldn’t find its space on the product page. Remember, your customers want to know everything about the product they wish to purchase. Hence, even if you can’t put every detail in the product description, don’t forget to share the link towards the blog post or how-to instruction where they can see everything else they wanted to know. For instance, if you are selling high-quality watches, it is impossible to put every historical detail about the particular watch in your description. Therefore, place a visible link towards an e-book, where you can introduce a specific line of watches to your customers.

Personalizing your business is one of the crucial aspects of eCommerce success. The ultimate goals of personalization are boosting your brand awareness and providing potential customers with a better experience when they get in touch with your brand.

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