An overview of Influencer marketing on Instagram


Influencers marketing are the high priests of Instagram marketing as they leverage their large following on the platform to promote brands and products. The followers idolize the influencers and have great respect for their opinions. The influencers can sway large masses of their followers with their opinions about products and brands and are in massive demand by marketers who want to take advantage of their standing to establish brands and market their products. Any brand and businesses of all sizes can take to influencer marketing because the influencers’ pool is vast and diverse. Although influencer marketing gives ready access to a large follower base faithful to the influencers, it is vital to create your followers too, and you can buy real Instagram followers to start the process. Reaching out to real people, whether organically or by buying followers, is critical for Instagram marketing success.

What makes influencer marketing work?

As more and more businesses are taking to social media marketing, the demand for influencers who dominate these channels is increasing too. The biggest impact of influencer marketing is that it introduces brands to a ready-made audience and allows brands to reach the target audience in a more authentic manner that generates instant trust in the brand.  The sellers reach out to consumers through the influencers instead of approaching the target audience directly, which creates a genuine feeling than traditional advertising. Marketers build relationships with influencers who help them to sell their products. The Instagram influencers have a loyal and strong relationship with their followers as they share many aspects of their lives with them. The followers adore their chosen influencers and are ready to accept their views about products or services when making any purchasing decisions.

The cost of influencers on Instagram

Top influencers that include celebrities can earn a phenomenal amount from a single post. To arrange for a product-related post on the Instagram profile of Kylie Jenner, you must be ready to shell out a million dollars.  However, several factors like the number of followers that the influencer has, engagement rate, and the industry influence the influencer’s cost. For a sponsored post, some influencers charge anything between $5000 and $10,000. Since engagement ranks higher than the number of followers in Instagram marketing, it is vital to work with influencers who have a 10-20% engagement rate. The engagement rate is a number obtained by dividing the number of comments or likes by the number of followers. Some influencers in the beauty industry charge based on followers, which work out to $210 per 100,000 followers.

Small businesses can use micro and nano-influencers

Despite the high cost of influencer marketing on Instagram, it is unthinkable to do without them, especially on Instagram. However, it is not always as costly as it appears because a survey shows that 54% of influencers are ready to post in kind or be happy to do it in exchange for the free product if they are a true fan of the brand product. It is good news for small businesses that can include influencer marketing in its overall marketing strategy even without investing thousands of dollars.  According to a growing trend, more and more companies partner with Instagram influencers who might not be celebrities but have a highly engaged but small following.  These micro-influencers constitute almost of third of Instagram influencers and have not more than 100,000 followers. The celebrities who are part of mega influencers are only 1% or less than all influencers.

Micro and nano influencers are valued for the engagement they create with their followers, which can significantly impact any marketing campaign. These influencers might not be celebrities but have the power to provide the right returns to marketing campaigns.

How to work with influencers on Instagram

Since you must be ready to spend money to launch an influencer marketing campaign on Instagram, you must first set a budget. Be careful to make the right estimate so that you do not end up breaking the bank, which can be heartbreaking too. Based on your budget and marketing goals, you can decide on the influencer you can afford. Whether you emphasize on the number of followers or the engagement rate would influence your choice. For a smaller budget, micro-influencers are the right choice. They can assure the right returns by leveraging their power to create closer engagement as they exert massive influence on a small but committed band of followers.

In addition to the engagement rate or the number of followers, there are some other factors to consider when selecting influencers. Consider the niche or specialty of influencers and the type of topics they cover as it is essential to maintain authenticity. The reach that the influencer has to match with your goal and the influencer’s voice must also match with your marketing tone and tenor.