How to get free visitors to Website?


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After watching the tittle you automatically understand that what would be the subject of my article. Yes, today, I will discuss with you that how do you get 10000+ visitors on your site?

Get so many visitors as you wish every day in your Website with Hitleap traffic exchange software.

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Now, there are very few people in our world who active online and whose don’t have any website. But, it is very sad to tell you that due to the lack of good content, or SEO or marketing, the visitors of your site do not come. So many people use the traffic exchange site for trying to get traffic, but those are not original and do not get any visitors from there. So, many people get disappointing and close their site. So, today, I am bringing a traffic exchange website by which you will get 10000+ visitors every day in totally free of costs.

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At first after reading this article, you must try that. Before reading it you don’t tell you any bad comments. It is fully tested and I also get traffic through traffic.

Let’s go to start it.

#1 You click on the sign up button from here.

hitleap signup

#2 Then you will give email name, username, password and repeat password. Then, give tick sign in the box of “I agree to the Terms of Service.

#3 “Registration was successful”: this message will show in front of your eyes. Now, a confirmation mail is sent to the email box and click on that link and verify your email.

#4 After verifying the mails you log in to your account.

#5 After logging into your account, go to the “My Websites tab” and add your website by clicking on “Add New Website“.

website visitors

#6 Next, you go to the Traffic Exchange tab and click on the “Download HitLeap Viewer” and then download this “HitLeap Viewer” Software. After completing the download of this software you may install it. (Don’t worry, this is not a virus that affects your computer.)

traffic exchanger

#7 After installing it, you open this software and login by your registered email and password.

Ok. Our work is completed. Now the software will automatically surf various websites and store in your account in per minute. You will get more minutes as long as the software is running on your PC. Then those minutes are automatically converted to the visitors of your websites and then you will get the visitors on your site. In this way, if you run this software every day at least 5-6 hours then you will get the visitors at least 2500+ visitors. That is, as long as you will active this software you will get more visitors.

By these visitors, you will earn money by adding the advertisements. About this topic, for the next time I will publish one more article about it.

If you want to get more visitor, then please read this article.

Hopefully, this article may help you a lot. Hopefully, everyone would be better to stay healthy and if you will face any problem then you will leave your comments.

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