How to create cartoon with Cartoon Story Maker?


Want to create cartoon? Want to know how to create cartoon? Create a 2D cartoon with Cartoon Story Maker. This software is available for Windows PC. Windows users can use this program easily.

About Cartoon Story Maker

cartoon story maker

Cartoon Story Maker is a basic program that gives you a chance to quickly make 2D toon stories with discussions, dialogs, and distinctive foundations.

You can save your created 2D cartoon in HTML formats. You can open the output files in a web browser. Actually Cartoon Story Maker is a very useful tool for beginners to create 2D cartoons. No special PC hardware requires for using this software.

Supported Platforms:

Cartoon story maker is supported on all versions of Windows. (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10).

how to create cartoon


  1. Supports all windows platforms.
  2. Easy to create a 2D cartoon.
  3. Amazing audio recording feature.
  4. You can add your voice.
  5. Built-in audio recording facilities.
  6. Best import and export feature.
  7. Save in HTML format.
  8. Output in web browser.

How to create the cartoon with Cartoon Story Maker?

Download “Cartoon Story Maker” from this link and install it on your PC and use it.

Thank you.

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