How to Create a Facebook Phishing Site

Today, my article is: How to Create a Facebook Phishing Site.

So many people have requested me in Facebook that let write an article about how to create a Facebook Phishing site.

Today, I will show you that how to create a Facebook phishing site from

Now, already you have signed up in wapka.

Let’s start it:

First, you enter in your site in admin mode and then click on edit site. From here, you have to click on Mail Form.   


After clicking on Mail Form, you will see like this which shows in the below:


Here, unmark the  Enable Capcha Picture and click on the Submit Button.  After entering in the Home Page You will see the mail form. Now, you collect a value from mail form.  

Let’s see how to collect value  and we are collected the value by the HTML Source Code Viewer

At first, the link

Write your Phishing site link and mark on the View Site HTML Source and click on the Go button. 


After clicking on the “Go” button a new page will come just like the below mentioned picture. 


Now find the value lust like I have found the value.


Please, save the “p” value to the clipboard. And now, I get my “p” value 127077869.

(P.S: You will get so many values, you just pick up P value and you will collect the value from the  HTML source code viewer and for PC users, they enter on their site  by pressing ctrl+u and will see HTML Code.)  

Let’s, we back again in the admin mode. Now, click on the edit site  and from edit site. You click on the wml/xhtml code.


If you face a problem of copying then you copy this from pastebin.


You will see value= “XXXXXX” in these codes and instead of xxxxxx, you write the value which you get from html source code. Just like I have written


After writing, we click on the Submit button. 

(Mind it, the value  which we get from the site I write down that value. You will write your’s own value.)

After clicking on the “submit” button, you will see like in the below picture.


Our work is not done yet and we will again click on the Global Setting from the Edit site.  Then, you will click on the Head Tags

After clicking, you write the same codes in the Head Tag box.  

<link href=”; rel=”STYLESHEET” type=”text/css” />

If you face a problem of copying then you copy this from pastebin.

Then, you will click on the Set. 

Now, you return again in your homepage.


A Dynamic Look at our phishing pages, see, now, another problem is that, when you visit our site can be seen in the mail form. The Hidden we’ll make it. Let’s see how to Hidden, by clicking Edit site and now the User click on the Item Visibility. Here we see All Item of our website.

In the Mail form we see A N L X; we are going to click on the X next to the Mail form.    


(Click on one of the means at the e-mail form, and can see, it can be seen only in admin mode.)     

Now, your the  making of Phishing site is completed.  

Now, you just sent the links of your site to the victims (for example, I will give If your victims log in no your site, then  his or her username and password of Facebook are sent to your emails.


Thanking You, Guys!!!