How to create a direct download link of Google Drive files?


Hello! The Mental Club community, my sincere greetings to all. Today, I’m going to share a Google Drive trick. You know, Google Drive is the ultimate file-sharing site during the current period. Today, I’ll show you, the simplest way to create direct download links of shared files on Google Drive.

File sharing is a very important part for every technology lover. We, who at the different time write download related article or we share files, software, games, apps etc. To share these files, we need to upload files to other servers. We use several popular sites, like: Google Drive, Dropbox,,, Mediafire etc. But, all these websites don’t provide the direct download link. We need to visit the website, then they provide the download link. But, you’ve seen direct download on many websites. Because, they customize the shared link before publishing on their site. Today, I’ll show you, how to customize the shared download link to direct download link of Google Drive? So, now you can generate the direct download link manually. Many people asked me, how doing it? It is very easy, now download will start on click. I think, you know that, how to upload on Google Drive (

How to create a direct download link on Google Drive (Direct Download Links of Google Drive Files)?

google drive

Google Drive gives 15 GB free space for life time. You can sign in through your existing Gmail ID or Google ID. After signing in, you may upload any files and share it with your friends.

Naturally, if you share any files from Google Drive, then it looks like below:

file sharing

Now, you’ve to grant the access for the public on the web. (Click on “Change” button to make the file for public).

download link for public

google drive file sharing setting

So, the default URL is: (

Now, I’m going to customize:

#1 First, you’ve to find the unique ID of your shared files. Here, our unique ID is (0B2IOJRgTdF-4alFyV29uWkhOek0), which is after “” and before “view?usp=sharing“.

#2 Let’s convert it to a direct download link.

First, type “” (without quotation), now add the Unique ID – after this URL. So, the direct download link will be like this: (

google drive link

Finished! You’ve successfully created the direct download link of your Google Drive file. Now, you can share this file anywhere on the web. People will be able to download your file in one click.

Thank you…

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