Convert Left Click to Right Button of Computer Mouse


Funny trick, today I’ll show you a trick of mouse. Convert Left Click to Right Button or Right Click to Left Button of Computer Mouse and make Left Click by using Right button of your computer mouse.

Convert Left Click to Right Button of Computer Mouse

switch left click to right button

We know, every mouse has two common buttons, one is left button and other is right button. We naturally many of times use left button of our mouse and we use right click for getting options. Think that left button is not working of your mouse and you have to extra mouse for using. At this moment what will you do? Now you can switch your left click to right button easily. Follow me for converting Left click to right button. You have no need to change any hardware.

How to switch Left Click to Right Button of Computer Mouse?

Change Left Click to Right button on Windows 10 or Window 8.1 or Windows 8 or Window 7 or Windows XP.

Step 1: At first open control panel (Click on start button and search for control panel).

Step 2: Now search for “Mouse” in control panel.

Step 3: You will see all the settings of mouse, click on “Change mouse settings”.

Step 4: It will show you mouse properties. You will see a check box of “Switch primary and secondary buttons” in button configuration area of button tab. Just tick this check box and apply it, now you will be able to make left click by using right button of your mouse. Enjoy!!!

left click to right button

You can also change double click speed, style of mouse pointer and speed of mouse pointer.

Problem? Watch the video tutorial.

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