There will be no mistake to write English, use software


Most of us in English have low capability because of Bengali mother tongue or stupidity. Those who knows this language very well, sometimes they also mistake to write. This mistake you do without your sense.

English Grammar checker software.


We all have something to write in English or less sometimes. It can be any status of E-mail or Facebook. Those who writes in online, they know well that, mistake of your writing may be in danger. In spite of this, there is also some sensitive writing. Like: Of course you will not want that there is any mistake in your job application.

Today I will introduce you a software, which will show you at a moment mistake of all writing. Its name is Grammarly. Those who are connected with writing, they know it.


Advantages of Grammarly:

• It will show you easily all mistake of writing.
• It is a software of only 2 MB, which mainly works as a browser extension.
• Through this you can check any document or writing.
• Its use is totally free, you can use paid version if you want (you will get some advanced feature in it).

Disadvantages of Grammarly:

Yet I don’t get any problem.

How will you get it?

• Web site link of Grammarly.
• Sign up free.
• Download browser extension and add in browsers.

Thank you for reading this writing. If you think the article is beneficial then obviously share it. Take care all of you. I hope I will come back with a new writing.